Monday, May 20, 2024

Unhinged Biden Lies about Big Pharma, Insults More Americans and Creeps another Young Girl

'This has got to be the most boring thing in the world for you honey, but we’re going to work something out for you I promise... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USADark Brandon continued to unleash assaults on the Constitution and supporters of Donald Trump Monday during a campaign speech at Laborfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, while appearing to have a near aneurysm spewing lies about his regime’s collusion with Big Pharma and once again making strange overtures to a pre-teen girl.

After demonizing anyone who supported or continues to support Trump, Biden coyly pretended to have a tolerance for the cretins’ freedom of speech as he insulted a heckler as he was being marched out the door.

“All right. God love you. Let him go. Let him go,” Biden said as Secret Service removed the man from the event.

“No, no, no, no, no. Look, everybody’s entitled to be an idiot,” Biden said, before turning his spite back on pro-liberty Republicans, proclaiming without a shred of evidence that “extreme MAGA” Republicans were out to hijack personal rights and destroy Social Security.

“We have to be stronger and more determined and more committed to saving American democracy than the MAGA Republicans and that guy out the door are destroying democracy,” Biden said of the heckler who was given the boot.

“Look, extreme MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and our economic security, they embrace political violence,” Biden fabled, according to the Western Journal.

When he wasn’t busy insulting Americans, Biden appeared to slip into a rattling zombified seizure trying to convince himself and the crowd that he “defeated Big Pharma.”

“He ‘beat pharma’ by giving them billions of dollars, mandating their unapproved shots, insulating them from liability, and directing federal agencies to market their products,” wrote Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky.

“I think a lot of corporations would like to take that beating.”

Massie was equally brutal in his assessment of Biden’s cozy relationship with Wall Street.

Because he can’t campaign on his regime’s failing policies, Biden again was left ranting at his political opponents, as he wrongly accused Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., of trying to sabotage social security, along with other conservative lawmakers Biden derided as “Trumpies.”

“The biggest contrast from what MAGA Republicans, the extreme right, the, the, the, the Trumpies,” Biden sputtered, according to the Daily Mail.

“They want to go to Congress, these MAGA Republicans in Congress are coming for your Social Security as well.”

“President Biden confirmed he has become the divider in chief,” Johnson told the Daily Caller after the president’s unhinged Labor Day performance.

“Not only have his policies been a disaster for hard working Wisconsinites, he continued his dishonest attacks against me,” Johnson said.

“He can’t defend his record, so just like he lied about not discussing Hunter’s overseas business venture, now he falsely claims I want to cut social security.”

Some observers thought Biden’s screeching volume of hate was to compensate for the woefully sparse crowd that was comprised mostly of union hacks and activists.

By the end of Biden’s embarrassing diatribe, it seemed like even he realized it had been a nauseous churn to sit through and a toxic bile digest. After thanking his union cronies for supporting his political career, he quipped, “The bad news for you all is that I’m here because of you.”

The president even singled out a child in the crowd for attending his speech, reported Breitbart.

“Any child under 12 years of age deserves a little extra ice cream or something for doing this,” he said as the crowd guffawed.

“This has got to be the most boring thing in the world for you honey, but we’re going to work something out for you I promise.”

It was the second time in recent days that Biden has paid creepy attention to pre-teen girls in his audience. During a speech last week in Pennsylvania, Biden went off script after spotting a young girl.

“How are you, baby? How old are you? … Almost double-figures!” Biden crooned.

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