The DC March and Its Aftermath

The true scorn should be targeted at those who have truly desecrated the Capitol...

(Clint Siegner, Headline USA) Unarmed protesters swarmed into the Capitol building last Wednesday.

Now lots of Americans, at the behest of screeching politicians and the corporate press, are hysterical. They blame Donald Trump and angry extremists for violence and an “attempted coup.”

The media portrayal of Wednesday’s events is nonsense. This problem is compounded by lots of internet commentary from people who weren’t in Washington and misinterpret what happened there.

Here are some observations from someone who was at the Capitol.

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First, Antifa operatives might have led the initial charge against the line of Capitol police which succeeded in breaking through. In the end, it doesn’t matter too much.

The majority of people who went into the Capitol were legitimate protesters, without violent intent. Most entrants certainly didn’t plan the incursion in advance, and the later arrivals were surprised to discover they could simply stroll in. I heard this directly from a few people who went inside. It is evident from the photos and video.

Virtually all the Trump supporters were unarmed and had no intention of executing a coup. Tragically, one officer shot and killed a woman, and another officer died of injuries sustained in the mayhem.

These protesters weren’t thinking about how egomaniacal bureaucrats will throw the book at them. Many don’t deserve what is likely coming as federal prosecutors get busy doing the one thing they are reliable for: steamrolling anybody who threatens federal authority.

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Conservatives and patriots should quickly dispense with the drama and hand-wringing over the Capitol breach. They shouldn’t bother trying to apologize or win a sportsmanship trophy from people who decided long ago the Americans marching in Washington are “deplorables.”

Nobody should waste time pondering whether the certification of electoral votes by the Vice President and Congress would have gone differently if citizens had not barged into the Capitol. It wouldn’t have.

The Vice President had already issued his two-page letter explaining why he had no choice but to accept the highly controversial slates of electoral votes forwarded by several states. The number of Representatives and Senators who supported an investigation of election fraud wasn’t even close to a majority.

Politicians and pundits want people to mire themselves in an in-depth examination of the inexplicable two-hour takeover of the Capitol building by an unarmed band of frustrated tourists. They are doing their best to whip up outrage and pin blame for what happened on the President and his supporters.

It’s a distraction. Some tattooed guy with painted face and horns sprouting from his fur cap broke the rules when he sat down behind the dais in the Senate chamber. Compare his transgression, and those his fellow invaders, to the wholesale failure of every institution entrusted with the peaceful resolution of political differences.

Here’s a list for anyone who needs a reminder about where to place their scorn.

Congress is a disgrace. Everyone serving there knows there are tens of millions of citizens who believe the election was a fraud. Yet most passed on any and all opportunities to make sure the evidence of the stolen election was properly aired and debated.

Rather than seizing the opportunity to prove to Americans – both on the right and on the left – that election integrity is a paramount concern, Congress rubberstamped Joe Biden as the next President. That is extraordinarily reckless and a dereliction of duty.

Nearly half the country considers him an illegitimate fraud. Politicians should be worried about fomenting civil war, not someone sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s office chair without her invitation.

This goes double for state legislators, governors, and officials who are directly responsible for honest elections.

The Department of Justice is a colossal failure for not taking a public and prominent role in investigating the allegations of voter fraud. It isn’t lost on Americans that the Department has protected bankers, well-connected pedophiles and the political elite. They aren’t happy about it.

The Supreme Court Justices, and a host of judges in lower courts, lacked courage when dismissing so many credible election fraud cases without hearing the evidence. Do these judges want people to believe they will find justice in the courts?

The corporate media is an embarrassment. An “adversarial press,” which people could trust to investigate and provide fair reporting, was once a pillar in our system of governance. Now six corporations control 90 percent of print and broadcast media. They work in concert, with all the subtlety of Baghdad Bob, to make sure no American gets the truth about the ruling class.

The social media giants are an even bigger problem, if that’s possible. The ability of a handful of big tech oligarchs to censor and control information and dialogue is something modern civilization has never encountered.

One other group gets a dishonorable mention: people who spend time arm-chair quarterbacking Wednesday’s events, instead of forwarding their own ideas for securing government reform or taking action of their own.

If the country can be saved it will be by people from among the ranks of doers — the kind of people willing to risk their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Talk is, as it has always been, cheap.

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