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UPDATE: Texas Supreme Court Denies Dad from Blocking Son’s Castration

'Please pray for James Younger. Pray for God’s protection over him. And that the Texas Supreme Court would make the correct decision to protect this little boy...'

In a crushing defeat, the Texas Supreme Court rejected Texas dad Jeff Younger’s emergency appeal to block his ex-wife from allowing their 7-year-old son, James, to undergo life-altering, irreversible transgender surgery, the Post Millenial reported.

As a result, the boy’s mother will be able to take the child to California to begin the transition, including chemical castration, that will turn him into a girl named Luna.

A newly passed law in California that took effect Sunday will prohibit cooperation with any other state’s orders requiring children to be returned to their home state when the issue at hand is so-called gender-affirming care.

Original story below:

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Texas Supreme Court agreed to accept the case of Jeffrey Younger, a man whose leftist ex-wife wants to mutilate their son, James, without the father’s consent.

When they were still married, Younger and his then-wife used to live in Texas. However, when they divorced, the mother brought James and his brother Jude to leftist California, according to the Daily Caller.

Even though the mother, Anne Georgulas, hasn’t yet started the “transgender treatment” — also known as body mutilation — of James, the boy is treated as a girl by Georgulas.

Younger is seeking a temporary emergency jurisdiction from the California law that is set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023. The law will prohibit enforcement of the laws from other states that required a parent’s consent for body mutilations of minors. Texas law states that surgeries that try to change the biological sex and injection of hormones into a body are prohibited for children.

“Mother [Georgulas] contends that [the child] is a transgendered girl,” Younger wrote in his Motion for Emergency Stay of the California law. “Father [Jeffrey Younger] contends that [the child] is a normal boy confused in his identity due to the interventions of Mother.”

In California, Georgulas would be able to put James on the woke altar by mutilating the boy, something that Younger doesn’t approve of, according to the court documents. Georgulas, however, disputed the claims about her intentions.

“Father presents this court with a grave misrepresentation that Mother ‘has sought to chemically castrate’ their child and that [the child] would be subjected to ‘transgender procedures’ in California,” Georgulas said in her response to Younger’s request for an emergency stay.

Sarah Fields, a president of Texas Coalition, empathized with James and his father on Twitter.

“Please pray for James Younger. Pray for God’s protection over him. And that the Texas Supreme Court would make the correct decision to protect this little boy,” she wrote.

“Also pray for @JeffYoungerTX, I cannot imagine this pain…”

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