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Add Tax Evasion to Hunter Biden’s Ever-Growing List of Scandals

‘There is a lien … on property belonging to this taxpayer for the amount of these taxes…’

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Hunter and Joe Biden / IMAGE: Donald J Trump via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Not only did Hunter Biden, the son of current Democratic front-runner Joe Biden, use his connections to secure millions of dollars in “consulting” fees and questionable business deals during his dad’s term as vice president, he also failed to pay his taxes.

The Daily Caller reported Sunday that the 49-year-old Biden son had $112,805 in unpaid taxes for the year 2015, resulting in a lien from the IRS.

The previously unreported lien was issued in November 2018, the conservative news site said, citing to open-records requests.

The lien lays claim on “all property and rights to property belonging to this taxpayer for the amount of these taxes.”

It came on top of a nearly $50,000 lien that Washington, DC, had placed on Hunter Biden’s delinquent taxes, which was released in 2017.

The Daily Caller noted that no corresponding release notice had been issued for the federal lien as of the article’s publication, meaning Biden had yet to resolve the debt, even as he and his father both have been under considerable scrutiny for their business dealings in Ukraine during that same time period.

Shady Business

The year of Hunter’s tax delinquency happened to be one that his father was still in office and while Hunter, himself, was serving as a paid board member for both a Chinese equity firm and a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company.

Hunter’s involvement with Chinese BHR Equity Investment Fund Management Company began in 2013, shortly after he traveled there with his father aboard Air Force 2, securing for his own investment firm a 20 percent stake in the partnership.

Although Hunter announced in October 2019 that he would be resigning his seat on the BHR board then, Chinese records as of December still listed him on it, the Daily Caller noted.

Hunter joined the Burisma board in April 2014 and resigned in April 2019, as his father was commencing his current presidential run—and after conservative journalists Peter Schweizer and John Solomon had brought the dubious arrangement into the public eye.

According to records uncovered by the journalists, Hunter’s firm, Rosemont Senca, was believed to have received anywhere from $50,000 to $83,000 per month for its services, which included lobbying State Department officials multiple times on Burisma’s behalf.

In fact, not long after the prosecutor-general overseeing the corruption investigation into Burisma raided the home of its CEO, both Hunter and fellow board member Devon Archer met with high-level officials, including then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

Biden Perpetuates Charlottesville Lie on 'Colbert' Show
Joe Biden / IMAGE: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via Youtube

Shortly thereafter, Joe Biden met with top officials from the Petro Poroshenko administration and demanded that prosecutor-general Viktor Shokin be fired or else he would withhold a billion-dollar US loan guarantee.

The vice president later bragged about it in a 2017 panel discussion.

“I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” Biden recounted in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations. “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

Ironically, despite the many reasons to investigate the Bidens and the undue influence their personal interests may have had in foreign policy during the Obama administration, House Democrats used Trump’s calls for investigation as the grounds for what would become the latest in an ongoing impeachment saga.

Tragedy, Turbulence and Privilege

Hunter Biden’s tax troubles overlap not only with his father’s time in the Obama administration and his own time on the two controversial foreign boards, but also with a particularly turbulent period in his life, marked by both tragedy and astoundingly poor personal choices.

The year in question, 2015 ,was just after Hunter was discharged from the Navy in 2014 for testing positive for cocaine use.

A year later, in 2016, Hunter Biden would arguably hit rock bottom when he was held at gunpoint in a Los Angeles homeless encampment while attempting to by crack off one of its ‘residents.’

Hunter also was involved in several run-ins with the law during this period—one in which he crashed his vehicle, although no charges were filed.

Hunter Biden Admits 'Mistake' but Denies Wrongdoing: 'This Isn't Real Stuff'
Hunter Biden / IMAGE: ABC News via Youtube

His profligate lifestyle and carousing with prostitutes strained his marriage to the point that Hunter and his wife, Kathleen, divorced in 2017.

While recovering from his 2016 crack binge, Hunter also had begun dating the widow of his brother, Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

However, he and Hallie Biden reportedly split in April.

In May, Hunter quietly married South African Melissa Cohen.

Less than two weeks later, Arkansas woman Lunden Alexis Roberts sued him for child support over a then-10-month-old love-child, which she said he has privately acknowledged fathering.

Most recently, that case has brought to light several other allegations of questionable business dealings that he may have had his hand in—among them a scheme to bilk Native Americans out of $60 million in bond sales and a Ukrainian counterfeiting operation.

Those claims were made by D&A Investigations, a prominent private-investigative firm, which file court papers on its findings last week.

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