Tag: religious exemption

United Airlines Staff w/ Vax Exemptions Forced to Go on Unpaid Leave

United Airlines announced on Thursday that employees who receive a religious or medical exemption from the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine will be placed on unpaid...

Christian Health Providers Win Injunction Against ACA’s Abortion, Trans Mandates

A federal judge has issued a permanent injunction on behalf of religious health care providers who feared the Biden administration would interpret the Affordable...

After SCOTUS Ruling, Biden Vows to Undo Religious Exemption for Contraception

After the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday in favor of faith-based organizations' right to claim religious exemptions for contraceptives, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said that he would undo the exemption and force religious Americans to go back to court.

Miami Megachurch Faces Maelstrom of Controversy Before Trump Rally

'Don't put your race or your nationality over being a Christian...' (Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) The Miami megachurch hosting a rally for President Donald Trump...


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