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Students Refunded after Prof. Required $99 Subscriptions to Her Woke Website

'My goal is to sit around kitchen tables and campfires facilitating conversations about important social issues and igniting action at the local level...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Michigan State University will reimburse students for the subscription to a feminist professor’s website—which allegedly donated to Planned Parenthood—that they were forced to purchase for one of their courses.

Amy Wisner, a fixed-term faculty member at the MSU Broad College of Business, required students in her undergraduate communications course to purchase a $99 subscription to her website, Patriarchy Rebellion.

The Daily Caller reported that over two years of her teaching the course, Wisner could have raised more than $120,000 from the forced subscriptions.

MSU launched an investigation and confirmed that another professor would be assigned to this course and students will be reimbursed.

“We conducted a review of the MKT 250 Business Communication class and assignment materials based on feedback,” Dean Judith Whipple said in an email to the students.

“… Professor Van Hof will serve as your instructor for the remainder of the semester,” she continued. “You will receive a one-time credit of $99 to reimburse you for the subscription to The Rebellion Community as this material will no longer be required for the course.”

Whipple confirmed that students will be responsible for canceling their subscriptions and the university would not reimburse for any renewals.

In a now-deleted Facebook page, Wisner wrote that the Patriarchy Rebellion was a “safe place to coordinate our efforts to burn everything to the fucking ground” and that all membership fees are donated to Planned Parenthood.

A currently inaccessible Rebellion Community website stated that the membership fees were used to raise “awareness, education, and activism for a bully-free future.”

Another Wisner website, Cancel the Patriarchy, which is still active describes itself as “a community of rebels unlearning toxic expectations of patriarchy.”

It offers three tiers of pricing, from $99 to $499 per year. The latter includes access to a 6-week course, group coaching and

Wisner also started a GoFundMe to purchase an RV to “cancel the patriarchy” on a “road trip around the United States to co-create communities of rebels committed to doing the work together,” she wrote.

“My goal is to sit around kitchen tables and campfires facilitating conversations about important social issues and igniting action at the local level,” she added.

At press time, the 7-month-old fundraiser, had raised $2,250 toward her target goal of $100,000, with $2,000 coming from a series of four anonymous $500 donations.

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