Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Soros Calls for Weather Control to Stop ‘Climate Change’

'Our civilization is in danger of collapsing because of the inexorable advance of climate change...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A leftist billionaire George Soros said that to save the planet from “climate change,” people should start using experimental weather technology.

Soros, whose “nonprofit” Open Society Foundations donated millions of dollars to climate alarmism groups, said during his Thursday speech at the Munich Security Conference that he discovered a process of creating white clouds to reflect sunlight away from warm areas of the planet to see if people may prevent ice sheets from melting, according to Fox News. He explained that melting ice sheets in Greenland, in particular, could lead to the doom of human civilization.

“Our civilization is in danger of collapsing because of the inexorable advance of climate change,” Soros said.

“The melting of the Greenland ice sheet would increase the level of the oceans by seven meters. That poses a threat to the survival of our civilization,” he added.

“I wasn’t willing to accept that fate, so I tried to find out whether anything could be done to avoid it. I was directed to Sir David King, a climate scientist who had been chief scientific advisor to previous British governments.”

In 2019, Sir David King, the former U.K. special envoy on climate change and chief scientific adviser, founded the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University to further study and pursue refreezing the Arctic, carbon emission reduction and greenhouse gas removal. According to King, to do that, scientists would use man-made clouds to reflect the sunlight away from the North Pole, the South Pole and the Himalayas in the summer.

At the same time, similar methods of weather control to fight “climate change” like solar geoengineering have been roundly criticized by scientists.

“The risks of solar geoengineering are poorly understood and can never be fully known. Impacts will vary across regions, and there are uncertainties about the effects on weather patterns, agriculture and the provision of basic needs of food and water,” dozens of scientists wrote in an open letter to governments last year, telling them that using such technologies should be prohibited.

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