Monday, December 11, 2023

Social Justice Snowflakes Fighting ‘Privilege’ in the Animal Kingdom

'Squirrel privilege is real... '

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) In a scene straight from Orwell’s nightmares, leftists are now insisting that some animals are privileged in ways that other animals are not, because the divisive labeling and segregating of the perpetually woke must be spread even into the wild kingdom.

Social justice gadflies have reached the point of absurdity where they are now seriously harping on animal “inequality,” according to The College Fix.

These are real headlines from Salon and The New York Times, a supposed well-respected Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper: “Squirrel privilege is real,” “Checking Privilege in the Animal Kingdom” and “Even Hermit Crabs Have Wealth Inequality.”

However, it is not only journalists. The World Economic Forum connected human and animal inequalities in an article that was part of its “Davos Agenda.”

“Inequality is a threat to our social fabric, but it’s not just a human problem,” noted the article, which was titled “Inequality is not confined to humans. Animals are divided by privilege, too.”

The WEF‘s musings were based on an essay “The nature of privilege: intergenerational wealth in animal societies” that was published in Behavioral Ecology in February 2022.

“Mammals, fish, birds and even insects have been shown to benefit from inherited wealth and abilities,” the WEF report stated. “Researchers have discovered the intergenerational transfer of wealth and resources affects many living creatures.”

The report pointed out the “privileges” that some of the animals have in the animal kingdom. Hyenas, for example, inherit high ranks and territories from their families, while clownfish inherit anemones that provide better protection from predators.

“Some have a better quality of life than other members of the same species – including access to food and shelter – just because of their parents’ status.”

This type of institutional animal inequality, racist patriarchy and surely, somehow, white supremacy cannot be allowed to stand, according to woke dogma.

“Individual clownfish inherit the right to hide in large sea anemones,” the WEF reported. “This ensures them better protection from predators than those without such a birthright.”

Even wasps inherit something from their parents – hover nests.

The WEF then connected it to humans, obviously, by repeating the old “rich people are bad” mantra.

“While the top 1% of the wealthiest people own 38% of all wealth created since the mid-1990s, the poorest 50% of people have gained just 2% of it.”

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