Saturday, March 25, 2023
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SELLERS: Is Trans Movement the Prelude to a Peculiar Vaccine Side Effect?

'If billionaire vaccine-underwriter Bill Gates is any indication, gynecomastia may be the new myocarditis...'

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) To my knowledge, there have been two transgender people near and dear to me in my life. (Others who seemed prime candidates for it exited my orbit before transgenderism became a mainstream phenomenon.)

The first of these, “Natalie,” was among a regular cast of characters who frequented Charlottesville, Va.’s now infamous Downtown Mall. Natalie made little effort to present as female, and the novelty of it seemed enticingly subversive to a teen and early-20something who was a devoted student of ’60s counterculture movements like the Merry Pranksters and their “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests.”

She went on to work with me at an alt-weekly publication—she, a copy editor, and I, the editorial intern—and would bum me hand-rolled cigarettes, which became a sort of bonding experience. I never knew her male birth name.

The second transgender person in my life was “K,” a student on a teenage newspaper staff I oversaw. For a 15-year-old, pre-transition, K was remarkably hirsute and unabashedly girl crazy.

The only hint that would later help me to understand the transition that occurred in or around college age was that this young charge of mine was also deeply politically engaged—and was attuned, in particular, to far-left politics, even celebrating socialism (on a T-shirt, no less) well before that phenomenon had entered into the mainstream.

Having known the before and after, K’s transition created in me a sort of cognitive dissonance. I concluded that it was not so much that K identified as female but that K desperately wanted to identify with an oppressed, marginalized class and saw the only window for a hetero-white-male to do so by becoming a lesbian.

Suffice it to say, becoming oppressed and marginalized has gotten a lot more trendy in the decade since these trailblazers led the way.

The most obvious explanation is that the radical ideas that once occupied a fringe space on left-wing blogs and chatrooms have since metastacized via social media, mainstream media and even children’s programming.

But understanding “why” in many cases remains just as elusive as ever.

Clearly, for the medical industry it is about money, and for political demagogues it is about power.

But a conspiracy theorist like myself wonders if the powerful forces behind this movement haven’t crafted a more sinister plan, already being gamed out and scaffolded, for the long term.

Apart from being hasty medical decisions made under the duress of social pressure, both the COVID vaccines and transgender surgery have another common element: their potential for permanent sterility, the ultimate goal of plutocratic depopulationists like the World Economic Forum.

Whether it be genes or genitals, neither one will work quite as intended once altered through the miracles of modern science.

Thus, it would make sense that the next major global pandemic—let’s call it Event 202—might usher in the convergence of these.

Perhaps, the COVID-23 vaccine will help to truncate or augment the very chromosomes that have long defined our clinical conceptualization of “gender.”

This mass experiment could be as groundbreaking in efforts to cure genetic conditions like Down syndrome as the Human Genome Project was in the 1990s and early 2000s.

That said, there may be a few side-effects with the new treatment, just as there were with its COVID-19 prototype.

In fact, if billionaire vaccine-underwriter Bill Gates is any indication, gynecomastia may soon be the new myocarditis.

If, indeed, gender-bending is a vaccine side effect, it also stands to reason that the same folks engineering these medical breakthroughs, after struggling to gain widespread public acceptance of the deadly heart conditions many young people are experiencing, might have thought ahead for the next go-round by normalizing busty bosoms on men.

Of course, some happy warriors may be ready to do whatever China’s TikTok tells them to.

But I do wonder if my two original and independent-thinking trans friends won’t start losing interest once everybody else is doing it too. And, if so, I hope it isn’t too late to go back.

Ben Sellers is the editor of Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/realbensellers.

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