Tuesday, July 23, 2024

POCAHONTAS: Only Solution for Leftist Gun Violence is Giving Unchecked Power to Dems

'The bodies aren't even cold yet and she's grandstanding on their graves for political points...'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., responded to the shocking and tragic murder of at least 10 people at the hands of a left-wing Syrian extremist by calling for Democrats to be given complete control over the evenly divided Senate.

Other leftist responses to Monday’s attack in Boulder, Colorado, bordered on tone-deaf and hypocritical, including reflexive calls for gun-control and knee-jerk attempts to blame ‘white supremacy’ for the Islamic terrorist attack.

But none were quite so callous as Warren’s use of it to demand an end to the filibuster.

Democrats already had been plotting the procedural move in hopes of passing the controversial HR1 election overhaul to secure permanent majorities by eliminating safeguards against vote fraud.

Even though political watchers had cynically predicted that the Left would exploit—if not engineer—a public tragedy in order to take advantage of the Overton window for their power grab, Warren went for it anyway.

It follows her attempt last week to blame “racism” for the filibuster.

Conservative twitter users were quick to condemn the latest ploy, according to Twitchy.

It is unclear whether Warren was aware at the time of her 9 a.m. post that the killer had been identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, whose Facebook page—prior to its deletion—revealed several concerning posts that called his mental health into question and espoused his left-wing politics.

Other Democrats and media figures went about stealth-deleting their posts insinuating that the killer was “white.”

However, Warren’s post remained as of Tuesday evening, and did not appear to have drawn any condemnation from her own side.

Only 30 minutes prior to the offensive post, the New York Times had published a fawning profile of Warren claiming that, despite her failure on the presidential campaign trail, she continued to wield “soft power” in Washington, DC.

During her presidential run, Warren was criticized for being too radical and out-of-touch with voters, as well as coming under scrutiny for her own racist appropriation of Cherokee heritage for professional advantage over the course of three decades.

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A 2019 DNA test revealed she had less Cherokee heritage than even the average American.

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