Wednesday, October 4, 2023

SCOTUS Deals Dem Lawyer Marc Elias a Stinging Defeat

'Segregating the races for the purpose of voting' would be 'impossible ... '

(John McCannHeadline USA) In what could prove to be a consequential defeat for Democrats and a win for democracy, the U.S Supreme Court has restored the congressional lines for the state of Louisiana, dealing a major blow to the nefarious elections scheming of Democrat lawyer and Clinton crony, Marc Elias.

The Court ruled by a 6-3 vote to grant a stay on the Louisiana voting maps, leaving the GOP-drawn maps in place and intact, reported the Daily Caller.

The initial lawsuit, brought in part by Elias’ lawfare firm representing a group of leftist activists, sought to force the GOP legislature to draw a second majority-black district, with a federal judge arguing that the current map violated the Voting Rights Act. The high court granted the stay, keeping the GOP maps and promising that it would act on the issue when it hears a similar map dispute in Alabama. That case will be argued next term.

Federal Judge Shelly Dick, who was blocking the maps, argued that since a third of Louisiana’s population was black, it was required to draw two black majority districts.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry disagreed, stating that “segregating the races for the purpose of voting,” would be “impossible.”

The high court’s stance on the issue may signal a radical change for Section 2 of the VRA, as the provision might be totally scrapped. Such a decision would be a huge blow for Democrats, who could see many of their safe majority black districts redrawn by GOP legislatures.

Elias, who argued to change the maps, has been heavily involved in dubious election schemes trying to upset the redistricting processes in many states to better favor Democrats. He also orchestrated attacks on democracy with unsuccessful attempts to get Republicans barred from running for office.

His thuggish lawfare tactics have seen Elias sanctioned by the state of Texas, and his role in the mail-in ballot controversies in 2020 has made him infamous in conservative circles.


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