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Riotous Thugs Terrorize Restaurant Patrons by Shooting Asphalt from Potato Gun

‘Of course, the customers are terrified, obviously…’

Riotous Thugs Terrorize Restaurant Patrons by Shooting Asphalt from Potato Gun 2
Police form a line as they prepare to engage with rioters in Raleigh. / IMAGE: WillyBillyWill via YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Looters shot out the windows of a café in downtown Raleigh while patrons were eating and then they stole cases of wine, WRAL reported.
“During dinner, we still had people seated in the restaurant,” said Parker Kennedy, owner of Caffe Luna.
“They had a potato gun and a big chunk of asphalt in it, I mean this big, that big, and they shot it through the window and projected into the restaurant about 25 feet,” she said. “Of course, the customers are terrified, obviously.”
The rioters in downtown Raleigh caused similar damages to numerous other businesses.
North Carolina‘s restaurants were beginning to open for the first time after Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, began to lift the house arrest and business shutdown orders that he imposed on the state.
Kennedy said the 8 p.m. curfew will prevent her from serving dinner at the restaurant.
Meanwhile she’s cleaning up the mess that the rioters, looters, and vandals caused her.
“They broke out about 10 windows and later in the evening, they went into those windows and got some wine, cases of wine,” Kennedy said.
Tyler Helikson, the CEO and co-founder of Happy + Hale, said his business was targeted two nights in a row.
“Four or five windows had been absolutely smashed out,” he said.
Helikson said rioters have not attacked his business since Raleigh put the curfew in place.
He defended the rioters because he can replace what he’s lost.
“Yes it’s frustrating, but that pales in comparison to what the black community has been going through for centuries, and it’s really hard for me to be mad about glass that can be replaced and insurance can cover when there’s such deeper issues in this country,” Helikson said.

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