Wednesday, October 4, 2023

REPORT: Millennial Voters Increasingly Veer Right after Growing Up

'Millennials are shattering the oldest rule in politics... '

(Corine GattiHeadline USA) A recent report suggested millennials, an essential part of the Democrat Party’s electoral coalition, are dumping the party and moving to the Right as they are paying taxes and looking at how the Left is spending their money on socialist and ultra-woke programs with no set objectives.

The New York Times reported that voters aged 18-29, who were strong supporters of former President Barack Obama in 2008, backed President Joe Biden at a lower rate in 2020.

Millennials voted for Joe Biden in 2020 with a majority of 55%, compared to only 43% for the former President Donald Trump. The NYTimes noted that younger voters were more open to progressive policies and ideals, while older millennials may be drawn to more conservative views as they age.


Cornell University’s Roper Center found millennials are not alone in this phenomenon. It appeared that as people get older, they became more conservative. This could be seen in the shifting political beliefs of demographic cohorts, who voted for conservative candidates as they aged.

The 2020 presidential election was an example of this trend. Voters from most political cohorts under the age of 50 voted for Republican candidates in greater numbers than in 2012. This shift was most noticeable among older voters, who showed a significant swing towards conservatism.

The Daily Caller highlighted that younger millennials became eligible to vote after the 2008 election, which negated the political gains Republicans made with their older counterparts. This also gave the Left false hope.

The Financial Times wrote, “Millennials are shattering the oldest rule in politics” by not moving right. The numbers were skewed at the time, though, and as more younger voters became eligible to vote, they were cancelling out the trend that was being seen among older Millennials.

The numbers game prompted the White House to employ an army of “influencers” ahead of the 2024 election, shifting attention to upcoming Gen Z voters.

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