Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Police: Black Supremacist’s Subway Attack Was ‘Premeditated’

'It's no accident that the liberal establishment is willing to racialize extremism when it comes white Americans... '

(John RansomHeadline USA) Frank James appeared in court on Thursday and was denied bail in an attack on New York City subway riders that authorities said was “premeditated and carefully planned,” reported CNN.

James, who is black, shot 10 people and injured 19 others and has a long history of anti-white rhetoric including pleas for “black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys,” a history that the liberal establishment wants you to think doesn’t exist.

In arguing for no bail for James, 62, prosecutors said his premeditation and attempts to flee the crime were circumstances that made him a flight risk while awaiting trial.

“The defendant committed a premeditated mass shooting on the New York City subway system and then fled the scene, with a stockpile of ammunition and other dangerous items stowed in his storage unit,” said a letter submitted by US Attorney Breon Peace to a federal judge in requesting no bail for James.

James’ history of anti-white statements are being eliminated by a mass media that wants to deny that there are problems with the extreme hatred driven by Black Lives Matter and other identity groups, said some.

“White people and black people, as we call ourselves, should not have any contact with each other,” James posted on YouTube, a video that was available for anyone to see until James committed a crime.

YouTube has deleted the video since James was identified with the shootings.

“It’s no accident that the liberal establishment is willing to racialize extremism when it comes white Americans but downplays the same extremism that motivates acts of terror within minority communities,” wrote black columnist Angie Speaks at Newsweek.

The “affluent liberal waters” that today’s Democrats swim in promote the dangers of white extremism and deny black extremism exists just based on the color of one’s skin, not the actual danger to society, Speaks wrote.

After detailing literally hundreds of videos by James that “rails against numerous racial and ethnic groups, including whites, Blacks, Jews, and Latinos,” Rolling Stone Magazine, the very epitome of the liberal establishment that Speaks calls out, wondered:

“How James managed to slip under the radar for so long, despite repeatedly making violent threats and spreading hate speech through some of the most heavily moderated social media platforms, remains a mystery.”

But it’s no longer a mystery to James’s 19 victims, who paid full price for their education.

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