Election Watchdog Urges Voters to Cast Ballots In Person; ‘Better than the Mail’

'Mail ballots disenfranchise voters because ballots are lost, completed with mistakes, and sometimes even stolen or thrown away...'

The Public Interest Legal Foundation launched a national billboard campaign to warn citizens against voting by mail and to encourage voting in person, according to a press release.

The billboards say either, “Vote in Person: It’s Better than the Mail,” or “Vote in Person: Protect Your Vote.”

“Voting in person is the gold standard to having your vote count,” said J. Christian Adams, PILF president and general counsel.

The billboards serve as a counter to the propaganda that currently lines America’s freeways, with messages warning citizens that it is not safe to vote in person because of a virus with low lethality for the vast majority of the healthy population.

PILF has focused its legal efforts on election integrity, including a Houston-area lawsuit to prevent Harris County from registering non-citizens to vote.

“Mail ballots disenfranchise voters because ballots are lost, completed with mistakes, and sometimes even stolen or thrown away,”Adams said. “We hope these billboards serve as a reminder of their in-person options that are proven to ensure votes are properly received and counted.”

There are billboards in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states.

Lawyers at the firm have 11 federal lawsuits that claim the United States cannot transition to universal mail-in voting because ballots would be sent to scores of dead, ineligible, or illegal voters.

Mail-in voting harms citizens, too.

An election model from Columbia Journalism Investigations estimated that one million mail-in ballots will be rejected this year due to unverified signatures, late arrival or missing signatures, as well as other errors.

“Our zealous defense of election integrity would not be possible without the support of those who care,” Adams said this June.

“Our extraordinary level of targeted action is only possible because Americans care about clean elections,” he added.


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