POLL: One-Third of Black Americans Support Trump’s Reelection

'The Democratic Party for 60 years ... have done absolutely nothing but fear monger and race bait...'

Nearly one-third of African–American voters said they would vote for President Donald Trump “if the presidential election was held today,” according to a recent Rasmussen survey.

This latest poll proves that Trump’s support among the African–American community is growing. It has even grown in the last week. On Monday, 27% of black Americans said they would vote for Trump; now, 31% voiced support for the president.

Other polls show that Trump is not far off from Rasmussen’s data.

A CNN poll conducted from Oct. 23-26 showed that Trump earned 24% support from black voters. But that number is likely much higher, according to Blexit founder Candace Owens, who said many black Americans are waking up to the fact that Democrats have done nothing for the black community.

“Do you remember two years ago I sat on that ‘Fox & Friends’ couch next to you and I said there will be a black exit from the Democratic Party,” Owens told Fox News this week.

“And I remember the reaction from every other news industry—they mocked me, they caricatured me, they laughed at me, they said it will never happen,” she continued.

Owens said that recent endorsements by many high-profile black celebrities were a telling indicator that Democrat candidate Joe Biden might be in serious trouble after taking black voters for granted.

“They’re not laughing anymore,” she said. “They’re angry now. First, it was Kanye West, Ice Cube, Lil Pump, now we have Lil Wayne, I mean these are the most successful rappers and they are coming out and they are taking a stand against this narrative.”

In addition to those mentioned by Owens, rapper 50 Cent incurred the wrath of Hollywood after coming out in support of Trump, saying he did not want to become 20 Cent following Biden’s tax increases.

Trump notably featured several prominent black athletes, civil-rights leaders and other community leaders during the Republican National Convention.

He continued to make the case during the two presidential debates that his policies—such as criminal-justice reform, opportunity zones and funding for historically black universities had benefited the black community more than anything in Biden’s 47 years of government service.

“This is huge stuff that we’re talking about and you want to know why? It’s because the Democratic Party for 60 years and they have done absolutely nothing but fear monger and race bait ahead of a presidential election every four years and the time is up,” Owens said.


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