Saturday, July 13, 2024

Obama Operatives Devised Plan to Label Trump Supporters as Terrorists

'All efforts to weaponize the federal government against political opponents of the ruling regime should be stopped...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Newly uncovered documents reveal a disturbing strategy by the Biden administration to classify former President Donald Trump’s supporters, military personnel and religious individuals as potential domestic terrorist threats. 

America First Legal (AFL) obtained these documents through a Freedom of Information Request, exposing the operations of the now-defunct Homeland Intelligence Experts Group, a DHS advisory board. 

This group, launched in September 2023, included figures like former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and ex-CIA Director John Brennan—both infamous for their partisan attacks on Trump and his supporters.

The documents detail recommendations from the board urging DHS to categorize individuals based on criteria such as “in the military” and “religious,” flagging them for potential extremism.

One document ominously suggests heightened concern for these groups. “We need the space to talk about it honestly,” it claimed. 

“It seems that most of the Domestic Terrorism threat now comes from supporters of the former president,” the document read, acknowledging the political nature of the targeting. “It is not like you want a political advantage, but people have attacked the government and its institutions for the last six years.” 

Responding to these revelations, AFL Executive Director Gene Hamilton condemned the board’s “unabashed partisanship” in the “Deep State” committee.  

“All efforts to weaponize the federal government against political opponents of the ruling regime should be stopped,” Hamilton told Fox News on Saturday, the outlet to first report on the findings. “We look forward to exposing more records in the coming days.” 

This would not mark the first time the Biden administration has targeted conservatives, Republicans and Christians as potential dangers to the nation. 

This is not an isolated incident.

In May 2023, documents released by the Media Research Center exposed how the Biden administration exploited the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program to vilify conservatives, Republicans and Christians.  

One grant application from the University of Dayton equated conservative organizations with hate groups and Neo-Nazis—a clear attempt to demonize ideological opponents. 

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