Wednesday, February 21, 2024

NYU Prof. Tells Students Hamas Atrocities Didn’t Happen, Gets Suspended

'They try to say... ‘Oh my G-d, you’re supporting rapists and people that behead babies,’ both of which, you know, whatever, we know it’s not true...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) The video of the last month’s live stream revealed how an adjunct New York University (NYU) professor denied reports that the terrorist group Hamas beheaded babies and raped women in Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, which eventually resulted in him being suspended from the university on Jan. 25, 2024.

“We live in a Zionist city. No, let’s be real about this, let’s be fu**ing real,” Amin Husain said at the Dec. 5, 2023 “teach-in” organized by Students for Justice in Palestine at The New School, according to a video that was obtained by The Free Press.

Husain was sitting behind the table while wearing a keffiyeh — a pro-Palestine scarf — and speaking to a classroom of students who remained quietly attentive as he commented on what he calls the “Palestinian liberation struggle.”

“These groups are fighting for the liberation of their people and their land. That’s a right. You do it. If you don’t like Hamas, free the land and the people. But if you don’t like Hamas, also read their charter in 2017,” he said.

The reason why Husain told the students to read the 2017 version of the charter instead of the original 1988 charter was because he wanted to deceive them so that they would accept his pro-terrorism worldview.

The 1988 version was explicitly urging Muslims to murder Jews while the edited 2017 version now states that “Hamas affirms that its conflict is with the Zionist project not with the Jews because of their religion.”

“Don’t take what the media says. It’s really important… Because these kind of questions try to put you on the defensive. They try to say… ‘Oh my G-d, you’re supporting rapists and people that behead babies,’ both of which, you know, whatever, we know it’s not true,” Husain said.

However, it seems that his attempts to prevent the students from reading the original version of the charter were pointless since he openly bragged about hating Jews and the students agreed with his position based on their reaction to his words.

Husain joked about his reputation for being anti-Semitic while citing a petition that was launched by an NYU alumnus on Oct. 17, 2023, calling for his dismissal.

“I have a petition going around, right, because I’m anti-Semitic. I won the honors of anti-Semitic multiple times,” he said.

Husain also mentioned his profile on the site Canary Mission, which documents people and groups that promote hatred of the United States, Israel and Jews.

“Everything they cite… is true,” Husain said about the profile that exposed his explicitly anti-Jewish beliefs, which prompted laughter from the students.

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