Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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NYT: Teixeira Leak Bigger Than Originally Thought

'I have a little more than open source info...'

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) New documents discovered and verified by The New York Times suggest that the leaks allegedly produced by Airman Jack Teixeira were more in depth and shared with more people than previously believed.

Teixeira was arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to a group chat with about 50 people in it in October of 2022. However, new documents suggest he may have leaked information to a group with 600 people in it on Discord in February of 2022, according to The New York Times.

The paper reports that “it is not clear” if authorities know of this earlier and larger potential leak.

The Times reports being informed of the new leak by a user on Discord, and being able to find the group publicly cited in a YouTube channel.

The Times listed how it verified the account belonged to Airman Teixeira:

  • The posts leaking classified information were posted by a user bearing a name connected to Teixeira.
  • The leaker reported working at a United States Air Force intelligence unit.
  • Details in leaked photos match details in other photographs taken and posted by family members of Teixeira’s in his family home.
  • Discord users wished Teixeira happy birthday on the same day that social media users wished him a happy birthday.
  • The account leaking information posted a photograph of an antique rifle that matches one purchased in Teixeira’s name.

The Times reports that the posts it has found are summaries of classified documents. It suggests that photographs of classified documents were “likely” posted, but those pictures have since been deleted.

The Times reports that the first leak appeared to come within 48 hours of the initial Russian invasion.

“Saw a pentagon report saying that ⅓ of the force is being used to invade,” the user wrote. “I have a little more than open source info.”

“Perks of being in a USAF intel unit.”

A post made on March 27, 2022 that shared classified information about the withdraw from Kyiv was reportedly, “found on an NSA site.”

The post accurately predicted a Russian withdraw from Kyiv two days before it was announced.

The posts also included indications that they were being made from the base itself, with the poster informing users that he was preparing to enter a classified area known as a SCIF, or a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.


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