Tuesday, June 18, 2024

CDC Admits: No Evidence of Unvaxxed People w/ Natural Immunity Transmitting COVID

'Just read this letter and understand how deep the corruption truly is...'

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted in response to a Freedom of Information Act request that there wasn’t evidence of a single case in which an unvaccinated person with coronavirus antibodies had transmitted the virus to someone else.

“A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request,” said the CDC’s response to New York attorney Elizabeth Brehm. “The CDC Emergency Operations Center (EOC) conveyed that this information is not collected.”

The admission punched a major hole in the agency’s claims, promoted by partisan CDC director Rochelle Walensky and others to extend its authoritarian overreach into broader sectors of government.

The Biden administration has use the bogus claims to justify its unconstitutional vaccine mandates, now affecting substantial portions of the US population and suppressing the economy in unseen ways, which has driven inflation to its highest level in three decades.

It has also used the claims to politicize the vaccines themselves by falsely claiming it to be a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when, in fact, the opposite appears to be true based on the actual science.

Most of all, it has exacerbated an unprecedented credibility crisis as few have any shred of confidence in what our once trusted institutions are claiming as fact and many suspect we now live in something more closely resembling an Orwellian, dystopian society.

On the upside, as noted by both the Gateway Pundit and conservative author Michael P. Senger, “Lawyers smell blood in the water.”

That includes red-state attorneys general, who recently have bombarded the courts with challenges—some of them successful—to the vaccine mandates.

Citing “grave constitutional concerns,” the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans recently slapped an injunction on the administration’s decree imposing vaccines on private businesses of more than 100 people.

However, Biden officials, true to their callous form, were continuing to encourage woke corporations to disregard the court order and proceed as scheduled, ignoring the legal rights of their employees in the process.

Meanwhile, 10 state AGs filed suit against the federal agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid, arguing that the mandates also violated the rights of government-funded healthcare workers.

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