Nevada Student Sues School After Being Bullied in Mandatory ‘Critical Race Theory’ Course

Mixed-race high-school senior was attacked for being the only male, heterosexual Christian in the entire class...

A charter-school student in Nevada is suing for punitive damage after he was singled out for humiliation and attack by a teacher attempting to indoctrinate students with “woke” leftist dogma.

High school senior William Clark and his mother, Gabrielle Clark, filed the lawsuit against Democracy Prep Public Schools and the Nevada Public Charter School Authority for teaching critical race theory and intersectionality.

The International Organization for the Family’s legal arm, SchoolhouseRights.org, filed the first-in-the-nation lawsuit on behalf of the Clarks in Clark County, Nevada on Dec. 22, IFamNews reported.

Although President Donald Trump issued an executive order prohibiting such propaganda from being promoted by government agencies, the case will be key in determining whether public education systems during the presumptive Biden administration may move forward with promoting the radical ideology.

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William has attended Democracy Prep, formerly known as Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, since sixth grade.

William lost his father at a young age, forcing him to work 35 hours a week at Taco Bell, but he has succeeded in school nonetheless.

Trouble began during his senior year when he was required to take a supposed civics class called “Sociology of Change.”

The teacher admittedly inspires her students to become “social justice warriors,” preparing them to fight for critical race theory and intersectionality.

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Critical race theory and intersectionality, though suffused with “academic”-sounding nuances, can be summarized as a set of anti-white, anti-male and anti-capitalist dogmas.

Their positive goals include communism, the destruction of Christianity and the nuclear family, which proponents describe as patriarchal, and the dismantling of republican government based on the consent of the governed and equal rights under the law.

These ideologies teach that white people are born with innate racist feelings against non-whites, as well as systemic economic, social and political rights and privileges that do not belong to non-whites.

The proponents of critical race theory and intersectionality teach that humans should receive rewards and punishments based on certain immutable and mutable traits, such as ethnicity, race, religion, class, sexual preference and gender identity.

Barring all other particular considerations, these categories determine whether a person is  “privileged” or “oppressed.”

William, who is biracial, became a target because he was the only male, heterosexual Christian in the class.

His teacher called him “malicious,” “unjust” and “wrong” by virtue of these categories.

If William argued against these characterizations, then the class taught that his unjust privilege was “expressed as denial.”

William’s teacher taught students to “unlearn” or “fight back” against whiteness, maleness, heterosexuality and Christianity because they are “oppressive structures.”

Gabrielle Clark was alarmed when she learned that her son’s teachers were trying to convince him to abandon his Christian beliefs. Gabrielle is black, but William’s deceased father was white.

She asked the school to let William take another civics course, but the administration refused, telling him he could not graduate without taking “Sociology of Change.”

Gabrielle and William resisted the school’s race-, sex-, and religion-based discrimination, so the teacher assigned him a failing grade for the course and the school suspended him.

The Clark family seeks a legal injunction to prevent the school from teaching the anti-American ideologies, to “remove and expunge” the grade, and to provide William an alternative to “Sociology of Change” so that he can graduate in “good academic standing as he applies for college.”

The lawsuit also pursues a judgement that the curriculum violates Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Equal Protections Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The landmark case could find its way to the Supreme Court.

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