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Michael Moore Reveals Dems’ Two Secrets to Winning 2020 Race

‘You don’t want safe right now. … We need a street fighter…’

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Rabid left-wing movie director Michael Moore on Thursday launched one of his most piercing and offensive attacks yet on the supporters of President Donald Trump: He compared them to him.

Moore visited “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” where he also offered insights for left-wingers into winning next year’s election that largely borrowed from Republicans’ own playbook.

Moore’s appearance came a day after he made headlines and was retweeted by the president over his criticism of former special counsel Robert Mueller‘s congressional testimony.

The guest and host compared notes on the respective insults each had received from Trump, with Meyers saying he had been called marble-mouthed and Moore boasting about his presidential nickname, “Sloppy Mike.”

But the overweight provocateur managed to land a low blow in return by implying that Trump’s legions of deplorables comprised a less-than-desirable demographic.

“He’s a little afraid to come completely at me because, essentially, I’m his base,” Moore said. “I’m an angry white guy over the age of 50, and I have a high-school education.”

While most high schools require some sort of a basic civics course to issue their diplomas, though, Moore seemed to lack that while engaging in a discussion about impeaching the president.

Fortunately his rant made up in animated gesticulation for what it lacked in basic knowledge.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with the Democrats—for history’s sake, for the children, you have to say ‘this is wrong,’ presidents cannot break the law,” Moore said. “And yes, I know that what everybody says is, ‘Well yeah but the Senate…’ The Senate doesn’t impeach.”

Although impeachment, by definition, is the act of arraigning a president or other figure on formal charges within the legislative body, it does not presuppose guilt or even bear the burden of evidence.

The only thing preventing the Democratic majority in the House from doing so would be the political consequences they would face from a wasteful and polarizing partisan spectacle.

Several Democrats have, in fact, already attempted unsuccessfully in this congressional session to file articles of impeachment against the president.

Much like his faux documentaries, Moore preferred his own definition of impeachment to a traditional textbook one that was rooted in facts.

“Impeach is only done by the House, and it means that your behavior has caused us to impeach you, and now we’ll send it to the Senate for trial,” he offered astutely.

He likened the first step toward removing the president to a losing team playing a better team in a baseball series.

“The Detroit Tigers do not say, ‘I don’t want to go to New York and play the Yankees. We’re just gonna lose,” Moore said.

“You know? ‘Let’s not do impeachment cause we’ll lose in the Senate and we’re Democrats and our feelings get hurt…'” he continued. “No. We need to fight. We have to fight, fight, fight.”

2020 Visions?

Michael Moore Reveals Democrats' Two Secrets to Winning 2020 Race
‘Sloppy’ Michael Moore / IMAGE: Late Night with Seth Meyers via Youtube

While the hope of impeachment seemed to be dimming for many Democrats, Moore did propose two shrewd strategies for retaking the White House next year—both of which he stole from winning Republican strategies.

He said, first and foremost, that Democrats had to do a better job of energizing their base by running a “beloved” candidate who could tap into the energy of Barack Obama’s campaigns, but who could also go toe-to-toe with Trump.

“You don’t want safe right now. You’ve gotta fight Trump with whatever our version of—he’s a street fighter,” Moore said. “We need a street fighter. That’s the only way you’re gonna defeat him.”

Moore said he also was encouraging party leaders to take a page from the playbook of former President George W. Bush and his campaign advisor, Karl Rove.

Like the Bush campaign—which successfully got ballot referendums against gay marriage in 14 states—Moore said his home state of Michigan in 2018 had managed a blue sweep of major offices by getting voters to turn out for measures legalizing marijuana and banning gerrymandering.

“Instead of putting all our hopes in one politician to carry the thing we have to get these ballot proposals on in the swing states that will bring out people to vote,” he said.

Moore said it was crucial that Democratic operatives work to secure ballot initiatives that would pander to traditionally left-leaning demographics of women, minorities and young voters.

“We all have to agree, we’re gonna all vote for the person that isn’t just gonna beat Trump—cause I think there’s four or five candidates now that could beat him—but beating isn’t good enough,” Moore said. “Hillary beat him. We have to crush Trump. It has to be orange crush.”

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