Matt Gaetz: Trump ‘Leaving the White House’ But Not ‘Leaving the Public Stage at All’

'President Trump continues to be the most powerful, the most influential Republican...'

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fl., said on Sunday that President Donald Trump will “be leaving the White House,” though not “leaving the public stage at all,” despite rumors that the president would fight the unconstitutional and fraudulent election through extra-legal means.

Gaetz told Fox Report Weekend host Jon Scott that another impeachment, at the same time that Big Tech and Big Business are deplatforming and discriminating against Trump and conservatives will only further divide the country, The Spectator reported.

“President Trump continues to be the most powerful, the most influential Republican on the planet Earth,” he said.

“It’s my expectation that while he’ll be leaving the White House in several days when his term is lawfully complete, he will continue to weigh in on matters that are important to the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him, who believe that this election process that we went through in 2020 still deserves more scrutiny and who expect that there will still be a constituency of people fighting for the America first agenda,” he continued.

Even as the Democrats proclaim that Trump will leave office next week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Ca., and other Democrats are feverishly seeking to invoke the 25th Amendment or impeach Trump again.

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“This impeachment would be unnecessary, it would be divisive, and it’s only being done because Democrats want to keep the focus on President Trump,” Gaetz said.

He said that the Democratic Party’s insistent focus on Trump reveals an impending fracture between the Establishment and Radical wings.

“You would think that with just nine to 10 days left in the Trump presidency for this term, you would have Democrats eager to focus on what Joe Biden would be bringing to the country, his exciting picks for the cabinet, but you see they have to continue to hold together a very fragile coalition by maintaining the focus on President Trump,” he said.

Gaetz said Trump’s continued public presence will help Republicans, who “need to stand together and fight against a radical left-wing agenda that it appears that Joe Biden intends to usher in with unified control over the government, with the House and the Senate.”

As Republicans prepare to hand over a unified government to Democrat Joe Biden, Gaetz said Republicans should focus on “election integrity” and “inspiring state Legislatures to have strong voter identification requirements.”

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If Trump is to remain in politics after Jan. 20, he must first recover from the blows that Big Tech and Big Business have struck to his ability to communicate with supporters and raise money.

Gaetz said the left has adopted a spirit of censorship.

“I think that cancellation of members of Congress, whether it be calls for Hawley and Cruz and myself and Mo Brooks to resign, or calls for even worse, dovetail with what we see with Big Tech,” he said.

“No longer is it acceptable for the political left to participate in elections and try to participate in debate, they’re trying to deplatform people who don’t agree with them and to say that folks who maybe inspire a different political message are worthy of an expulsion for worse and I don’t think that’s going to do anything to animate the calls for unity that we’ve seen across the political spectrum,” he continued.

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