Arizona’s Maricopa County FINALLY Agrees to Audit of Voting Machines on Inauguration Day

Phoenix-area county flouted subpoenas from state legislature and demands of attorney general while riding out the clock on Trump presidency...

After more than two months of foot-dragging, Arizona‘s Maricopa County finally agreed to an audit of its voting machines, on the very day that disputed President Joe Biden was inaugurated.

The county, which encompasses much of the Phoenix metropolitan area, was at the center of the storm following allegations of widespread voting irregularities.

After breaking solidly for Donald Trump in 2016, it flipped blue following the last-minute emergence of caches of uncounted mail-in ballots.

Demographic shifts, such as floods of liberals fleeing neighboring California and the incursion of immigrants from the southern border with Mexico, may have played a role in flipping the already purplish state.

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Nonetheless, at a hearing that featured Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, forensic experts testified that the state’s use of Dominion Voting Systems may have tied into a global vote-rigging conspiracy.

Records of traffic from Dominion’s supposedly closed-system network showed that its servers had communicated with European cities like Frankfurt, Germany, on the eve of Nov. 3.

Nonetheless, Maricopa officials dug in to the official gaslighting narrative, insisting amid the uncertainty, while denying hundreds of witness affidavits otherwise, that the election had gone off without a hitch in Biden’s favor.

Even after state officials demanded a forensic audit on Dec. 15, a day after the Electoral College voted in Biden’s favor, Maricopa County officials refused to comply, the Gateway Pundit reported.

Its supervisors rejected subpoenas, prompting the state’s attorney general to get involved.

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Even so, they continued to slow-walk the legal battle, hoping to ride out the clock.

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