Monday, January 30, 2023
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Mac Store Owner Reveals Hunter Biden’s Filthy, Immature Password

Mac Isaac was 'a little amazed by the sheer quantity' of Hunter's porn collection...

(Chris Parker, Headline USA) Hunter Biden’s immorality seems to permeate every fiber of his being—from his business dealings to his alleged tax fraud (currently under grand-jury investigation), and even down to his password preferences.

John Paul Mac Isaac—the Delaware computer store owner who came into possession of the so-called laptop-from-hell after Hunter abandoned several water-damaged devices—recounted that shocking detail and many others in anticipation of his forthcoming book, American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth, reported FrontPage Magazine.

Mac Isaac revealed the password for Hunter’s computer was “analf**k69.”

As disgusting as it was, it certainly set the stage for what came next.

That filthy password was the only thing that stood between the world and the volumes of appalling content found on Biden’s laptop. It revealed the mind of a middle-age man who never seemed to mature past his lewd teenage years.

According to Mac Isaac, in one picture, Biden proudly donned a jock strap, red scarf … and nothing else. Another photo—now well circulated on the internet—showed him passed out with a crack pipe.

Many more showed the married father of five engaging in sexual acts with several different women—in addition to volumes of pornography.

Mac Isaac said he was “a little amazed by the sheer quantity” of it.

And then there were the financial documents. They revealed a man who lacks the temperament to manage his own businesses.

Yet, they also reveal a lavish lifestyle: He apparently couldn’t afford to live on a $550,000 yearly income, according to a document read by Mac Isaac.

Of course, not all of this comes as a surprise. It’s been long established that Hunter Biden was so bad at managing his business and finances that he needed special treatment from his father’s connections to sustain an income.

It was only through fortune that Hunter Biden happened to bring his laptop to Mac Isaac, a man who was willing to risk his business and livelihood to expose the truth. And he paid that price: the FBI accused Mac Isaac of being a Russian propagandist after he turned the laptop over to them, according to FrontPage Mag.

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