Louisville Police Prepare for More Riots Ahead of Breonna Taylor Announcement

'It is important to note that [Cameron] has said there is no timetable for the announcement...'

(Headline USA) Offering perhaps a sneak preview of what to expect with the outcomes of cases involving other Black Lives Matter “martyrs” like George Floyd, Louisville, Ky., declared a state of emergency in anticipation of an announcement regarding charges in the killing of Breonna Taylor.

Police shot Taylor eight times on March 13 while executing a no-knock raid on her boyfriend, who was implicated in a drug ring. Evidence has suggested that Taylor was aware of his alleged criminal activity and may have been complicit in it.

However, the warrant used was connected to a suspect who did not live there, and no drugs were found inside.

The use of no-knock warrants has since been banned by Louisville’s Metro Council.

Louisville, Kentucky, police said Monday that they had canceled vacations and were setting up barricades in preparation for the state attorney general’s announcement about whether he will charge officers in Breonna Taylor’s shooting death.

That may offer a strong hint as to the likely outcome from Attorney General Daniel Cameron‘s decision.

Cameron, who is black, was one of the notable speakers at the recent Republican National Convention, where he denounced the cancel culture and soft racism from Democrats in assuming the African-American community lacks the agency to think for themselves.

A statement from the department said all requests for vacation and days off were being canceled “until further notice” as the city awaits Cameron’s announcement.

“It is important to note that [Cameron] has said there is no timetable for the announcement,” the statement added.

Cameron said earlier this month that “an investigation, if done properly, cannot follow a certain timeline.”

“When the investigation concludes and a decision is made, we will provide an update about an announcement,” he said.

Large protests over Taylor’s death that at times became violent erupted in late May in the city, including a massive march outside the Kentucky Derby earlier this month.

Celebrities, athletes, activists and Taylor’s family have for months pushed Cameron to criminally charge the officers involved in the raid.

Last week, the city of Louisville settled a lawsuit from Taylor’s family for $12 million and pledged several police reforms as part of the agreement.

Police said in the statement that they are erecting some barricades in the downtown area. Many of the protests have been at a downtown park and city hall.

Federal officials have closed the federal courthouse and other federal buildings for the week.

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press


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