Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Loudoun County School Officials Suffer Amnesia over Tranny Rape Incident

'We had a female student who alleged she was raped in the bathroom. … Wayde needs to know all the info so he can do his job...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) As they tried to fend of perjury charges in court, Loudoun County school officials feigned ignorance regarding a series of high-profile transgender rape incidents that happened in school bathrooms around 2021, the Daily Wire reported.

A trial on Tuesday focused specifically on the May 28, 2021, incident at Stone Bridge High School, during which a boy wearing a skirt allegedly raped a freshman girl in a bathroom.

According to top school officials, they could not remember any details of the situation.

The attorney for Wayde Byard, former Loudoun County Schools public information officer, for example, said that Byard had little or no knowledge of the alleged transgender bathroom rape, contradicting an earlier statement Byard made under oath.

And while Communications Director Joan Salgren, and Deputy Superintendent Ashley Ellis earlier admitted that Byard informed them of the rape later that day, they have since rescinded their initial statements, saying that they are not sure and have no clear recollection.

Ellis, who was the No. 2 official in the entire school system, admitted to “vaguely” recollecting the events of the day of the rape.

According to her testimony, she recalls some type of “situation,” despite having written personal notes about “anal penetration” and “police handling.”

appeared Tuesday that school administrators were conspiring to get Byard off the hook over statements he made before a grand jury suggesting he was unaware of the bathroom incident until much later.

Unfortunately for Byard, the evidence is stacked against him.

According to Principal Tim Flynn, he told Byard everything, and had informed every high-ranking official about the rape.

“We had a female student who alleged she was raped in the bathroom. … Wayde needs to know all the info so he can do his job,” Flynn testified.

Soon thereafter, he also forwarded county Superintendent Scott Ziegler an email containing a news story about the rape and the legal fallout, indicating a clear understanding of what had happened.

Jennifer Laffer, Byard’s defense attorney, said that Byard was only told about an angry parent, not about the rape itself.

Further, Byard previously said before a grand jury that he “acknowledges being told something about a boyfriend/girlfriend in a bathroom that ‘went sideways,'” but that he knew nothing about the sexual assault claims.

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