Friday, March 31, 2023
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LGBT Group Bemoans ZERO Trans Characters in Last Year’s Films

'Hollywood and the business of storytelling must be more nimble, more creative, more open than ever before...'

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation on Thursday released its 2021 Studio Responsibility Index, which gauges LGBTQ representation and portrayal in Hollywood films, and found that major studios excluded people who identify as transgender and non-binary.

GLAAD studied 44 movies from eight studios, including Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros, the Huffington Post reported.

Of the 44 movies, 10 depicted gay, lesbian, or bisexual characters, but none showed people with gender dysphoria, often called transgender or non-binary people by activists.

Major films showed more non-white LGBTQ characters, a major victory for GLAAD.

The 22.7 percent LGBTQ representation rate reflects a 4.1 percent increase from GLAAD’s 2020 study.

GLAAD said the absence of film characters with gender dysphoria shows “one of the more glaring ways mainstream studios continue to lag behind other forms of entertainment media.”

Television shows, such as the FX series Pose, have portrayed transgender characters and casted transgender actors and actresses.

MJ Rodriguez, who stars in the drag and cross-dressing series, is a biological male who has gender dysphoria and considers himself a woman.

Rodriguez was nominated for an Emmy award for his performance in Pose.

GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said the report shows the “significant work to be done in mainstream film releases to ensure that tomorrow’s releases include us all ― no matter the means of distribution nor platform.”

GLAAD also complained that film studios did not portray LGBTQ people who suffer from both gender dysphoria and a life-threatening illness, like HIV, or disability.

Ellis said filmmakers should see 2021 as the perfect year to inject more LGBTQ characters into movies because of COVID hysteria and political dissatisfaction.

“This transformation represents a great opportunity to swiftly accelerate acceptance of LGBTQ stories, break new ground, and invest in queer and trans talent and stories that audiences are eager to watch,” she said. “Hollywood and the business of storytelling must be more nimble, more creative, more open than ever before.”

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