Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Leftist Talk Show Host Mocks Murdered Christian Children

'Are the likes you’ve gained from your recklessly Christophobic tweet worth your moral stain?...'

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Leftist political commentator David Packman recently decided to mock the children who were murdered by a transgender triggerman in a mass shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School.

On March 27, Packman wrote in a now-deleted tweet about the school shooting, blaming murdered Christian children for not “praying enough.”

“Very surprising that there would be a mass shooting at a Christian school, given that lack of prayer is often blamed for these horrible events,” he wrote. “Is it possible they weren’t praying enough, or correctly, despite being a Christian school?”

The public backlash was fierce.

“I used to consider you a ‘reasonable progressive,’” Colin Wright, a fellow of the Manhattan Institute, wrote.

“But you’ve clearly devolved into partisan hackery. I’m an atheist, yet cannot begin to fathom using the murder of children and adults at a Christian school as an opportunity to dunk on the concept of prayer.”

A Rebel News Online reporter, Drea Humphrey, also criticized Packman.

“You mock the faith of slain children and their mourning families. Knowing it’s possible they lost their innocent lives due to an act of hate against them for their religious beliefs,” she wrote. “Are the likes you’ve gained from your recklessly Christophobic tweet worth your moral stain?”

Actor and director Matthew Marsden gave Packman clear instructions on what he should do after posting his tweet.

“This is despicable,” he wrote. “Delete it, then go and reflect on what kind of a person would say such a thing, and be the opposite.”

Even though Packman eventually deleted the tweet, he decided to double down by publishing a video on his YouTube channel where he gaslighted people for criticizing his mockery. He then went to Twitter and blamed people for trying to cancel him for his rhetoric, calling them a “contrived mob.”

“Despite the right decrying cancel culture and calls for boycotts, they are now contacting my advertisers and demanding they cancel their ad campaigns,” he wrote.

“Some are already succeeding. I thought this was a tactic only employed by the left. In any case, I believe we will prevail once it becomes clear that this is a contrived mob,” Packman added.

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