Friday, January 27, 2023
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Lawsuit: Disney Functioned as State Actor in Pushing Vax Mandates

'At what point does partnership go beyond independent entities working voluntarily toward a shared mission to entwinement ... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A recent lawsuit by two former Disney employees alleges that the entertainment giant colluded with the government to force a vaccine mandate on employees under threat of firing.

According to the Daily Wire, Disney fired the two employees for refusing the get the vaccine. In doing this, the lawsuit argues that Disney became a “state actor,” as the company worked with the government to push the vaccine on employees.

Because the Biden administration worked with social media and mainstream media to silence dissenting voices, it is reasonable to assume they would work with massive corporations to enforce mandates that would be unconstitutional for them to implement.

“The Constitution provides that the government, and state actors cannot take life, liberty or property without due process and equal protection of the law,” the suit said. “There is no dispute that the Defense Department was looking to partner with private business in its effort to vaccinate.”

“At what point does partnership go beyond independent entities working voluntarily toward a shared mission to entwinement, such that they can be considered a state actor?” the suit argued.

The suit alleged that Disney is subject to the “equal protection clause” as a state actor.

“Had the government instituted a requirement that all professional athletes and personnel of leading media outlets are required to receive a vaccination, without rights to exeption, such an action would be subject to an equal protection challenge…” the suit read.

Two former ESPN employees, Beth Faber and Allison Williams, filed the lawsuit. As a subsidiary of Disney, ESPN followed their parent company’s mandates. The suit named both of the companies.

Six days after President Biden announced the business vaccine mandate, then-Disney CEO Bob Chapek participated in a meeting with Biden on the subject of vaccines.

The suit also argues that Disney’s long-suspected ties to the Defense Department—which helped spearhead the vaccination effort—influenced the company’s policies.

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