Saturday, July 13, 2024

Kamala on ‘Suicide’ Watch as WaPo Floats Idea of Hillary for VP

'It’s hard to retire when you feel your job isn’t done...'

(Headline USA) The odds of Vice President Kamala Harris suffering an unfortunate mishap may have increased dramatically this week amid growing chatter that the time is drawing nigh to boot President Joe Biden from the ballot—and that she is not up to the task of replacing him.

Since the indictment of his son Hunter on three felony charges, Biden, 81, has appeared to take a turn for the worse in what was already an alarming cognitive decline.

He has suffered several recent episodes in which he has seemed lost or frozen during public appearances, and at least one in which he is suspected of having defecated himself.

Nonetheless, some fear Biden, who has already secured the pledged electoral delegates needed to be the Democratic candidate, may not be willing to step aside.

Instead, to ease concerns about his age, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker argued in a column this week that Biden could kick Harris off his reelection ticket and replace her with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Parker admitted that Biden has suffered a “steady decline the past few years,” made apparent by his “stumbles, his search for words, his occasional blank stare,” all of which are now “impossible to ignore.”

However, Biden’s situation is made worse by the fact that his running mate, Harris, who is the next in line to replace him should anything befall the president, is not popular.

Replacing Harris could be “risky” given that it may “jeopardize black votes,” Parker noted, but if “Democrats … want to win elections” then they may have to make that sacrifice.

She suggested that Harris could at least keep a spot in the Biden administration and be named attorney general for agreeing to leave the ticket. 

Democrat activists have desperately been trying to force several of the elder Supreme Court justices—including conservatives Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, as well as leftist Sonia Sotomayor—to retire.

By doing so, they might open up a spot that would take care of the “Kamala” problem, enabling party leaders to bribe the former San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general with a lifetime appointment to the high court.

However, Clinton, who is notorious for taking matters into her own hands when it comes to political threats and obstacles, might also consider simply dispatching one of her “wet work” technicians, such as former campaign adviser James Carville, to facilitate matters.

Parker claimed that Clinton could help extricate American politics from its “old-White-men dilemma,” despite the fact that she tried and failed to do so back in 2016.

And she could provide Biden’s ticket with “confidence” that she would be able to “keep the country on track” if something were to happen to Biden, Parker said.

“No one has mentioned her as a possible running mate for Biden far as I know, but why not replace Harris with Clinton?” the columnist wrote. “At 76, she might want no part of it, but it’s hard to retire when you feel your job isn’t done.”

She added that Clinton has already been “inserting herself” into the 2024 election cycle by endorsing specific candidates.

“It’s just a thought, but worse ideas have met with regrettable success,” she added.

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