Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Kamala Finds New Job After Defunct Border, Election and AI Roles

'No worries. She will probably suck at that like everything else...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Vice President Kamala Harris has embarked on a new endeavor as the White House’s gun czar, marking yet another addition to her portfolio of roles that have faced significant criticism. 

This announcement follows her tumultuous tenure as border czar during which she was criticized for her handling of the illegal immigrant invasion. Harris also oversaw a defunct Democratic plan to overhaul U.S. elections and the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Taking to social media, Harris shared her enthusiasm for her latest role. “Today, I am proud to share that I will oversee the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” she

However, the Twitterverse was quick to mock her appointment. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., proposed Harris forgoes Secret Service protection to lead by example.  

“Since you failed miserably as the ‘Border Czar’ then for your gun safety program set a strong example and stop using Secret Service protection,” Greene posted on Twitter on Friday. “If the American people don’t need guns then you don’t need good guys protecting you with guns like the ‘assault weapons’ you hate.” 

Best-selling author Sean Parnell expressed doubts about Harris’s effectiveness in her new role, mocking, “I’m glad they put her in charge of this because it guarantees nothing will ever get done.” Another Twitter said, “No worries. She will probably suck at that like everything else.” 

Harris’s previous position as border czar was marred by criticism from both Democrats and Republicans and ultimately led to an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens, many of them hijacking New York City streets.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams, a fellow Democrat, blasted Harris’s border leadership, saying the vice president had “too much in her portfolio” to solve the alleged root causes of illegal immigration.

Additionally, Harris’s short-lived stint as an artificial intelligence czar was marked by a widely criticized attempt to explain the concept of AI. 

Lastly, Harris was tasked by President Joe Biden to lead efforts to overhaul elections through HR 1, a contentious bill that aimed to implement federal mandates and laws related to elections.

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