Justin Amash Floats Third-Party Presidential Bid as Reelection Chances Fade

‘Amash is now his own island…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Rep. Justin Amash, I-Mich., teased that he’s looking into a third-party presidential bid against President Donald Trump this November.

Amash, who left the Republican Party last year, tweeted on Monday that he’s looking “closely” at his options.

He made this comment after blasting Trump’s claim of “total authority” over the states’ ability to reopen the country in the wake of the coronavirus, declaring that Trump is “flat-out wrong.”

“Americans who believe in limited government deserve another option,” Amash tweeted.

After one Twitter user encouraged him to become that “other option,” Amash suggested he’s considering it.

Amash’s presidential bid makes sense given his waning chances of reelection in Michigan. The Cook Political Report, which has accurately called Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District race for the past five elections, is now predicting that Amash will not win as an independent.

“Amash is now his own island,” election forecaster David Wasserman said in a statement back in December.

“It’s doubtful there’s a sufficient market for a pro-life/pro-impeachment independent in the district to allow him a path to a sixth term,” Wasserman said. “He had $273,000 in the bank at the end of September—far less than the GOP nominee is likely to be able to spend—and won’t be able to lean on financial support from either party.”

Amash made it clear in the past that he wouldn’t rule out a presidential bid, but noted he would only do so if he thought he had a chance.

“I’ll continue to weigh where I think I can make the most impact, but I also think it’s important to be successful when you run for office,” he told Rolling Stone late last year.

“If I were to run for president, that’s not something I would do unless I felt very confident I could win it,” he continued. “And so if you were to see me get into the race it means that I’m confident I can win the race.”


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