Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Is Paul Pelosi Jr. as Big a Con Artist as Hunter Biden?

Nancy's son has a long history of dealing with Ukrainian leadership...

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Career politician Nancy Pelosi, who is famous for her corruption, has handed it down to her son, who is on par with the infamous Hunter Biden, mired in his own scandals, the National File reported.

Now one of Paul Pelosi Jr.’s business partners and friends, Asa Saint Clair, has been charged by the Department of Justice with wire fraud, and he faces 20 years in prison.

Pelosi Jr.’s company, the Corporate Governance Initiative, also shared a great deal of leadership overlap with Saint Clair’s World Sports Alliance, a front for the criminal cryptocurrency “IGObit,” as well as involvement in questionable international diamond mining operations.

Nancy’s son has a long history of dealing with Ukrainian leadership. He traveled to Kyiv in 2017, allegedly to discuss youth soccer initiatives when he was executive director of the CGI, working in concert with Saint Clair.

While in Ukraine, Pelosi appeared on TV to promote Saint Clair’s company.

“Today we’re here to talk about soccer,” Paul Pelosi Jr. said in a TV interview.

“We recently got an endorsement from the World Sports Alliance and we’ve spoken with the Ukraine government about collaboration for soccer for young people,” he boasted. “Ukraine has a great history in soccer and we hope to share in that tradition going forward.”

According to Saint Clair, he and Pelosi have a long history of doing business together.

“Paul Pelosi Jr is a longtime associate, both business and personal, and when I saw him taking a stance on something my organization deems to be a corner stone of our prosperity, I reached out to him to learn more.”

He also suggested that the establishment of centralized corporate governance bodies, presumably led by him and Pelosi, are essential to international organization.

“Without the establishment of proper corporate governance while working with our member nations,” he said, “our mission to support the World Sports Alliance IGO cannot even exists let alone succeed…”

Of course, Pelosi Jr. has learned from the best how to avoid being caught in scandals.


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