Saturday, September 23, 2023

Hillsdale President: Education Depts. the Dumbest Part of Every College

‘The teachers are trained in the dumbest parts of the dumbest colleges in the country...’

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The president of Hillsdale College criticized the education departments in American colleges and universities for producing dumb people who want to indoctrinate children.

In a short video released by News Channel 5, Larry P. Arnn, the president of one of the few conservative colleges in the United States, made a statement about the education departments in the institutions of higher learning that made leftists mad, according to The College Fix.

“Ed departments…they’re the dumbest part of every college,” he said, and touched on the different academic disciplines.

“If you study physics, there’s a subject, right? How does the physical world work? That’s hard to figure out. Politics is… a study of justice. What is justice? Some of the greatest books ever written were written about it…” he said.

“Literature. They don’t do it much anymore, but you can read the greatest books, the most beautiful books ever written.”

He then said that education is not a “separate art.”

“Education is the study of how to teach,” Arnn said. “Is that a separate art? I don’t think so.”

In his speech, he also noted that the only thing that these “educators’ talk about is how they are going to shape the minds of the new generations of children.

“I invite you. Read the debate about education today as it appears in the press and on TV and you [will find yourself asking] — do they ever talk about anything except what they’re going to do to these kids? ‘We’re gonna do something to them.’” he said.

Arnn also extended his previous statement.

“The teachers are trained in the dumbest parts of the dumbest colleges in the country,” he said.

Unfortunately, these people are entitled to “educate” the children.

“They’re messing with people’s children, and they feel entitled to do anything to them,” Arnn said.

He also brought to the attention of his listeners that all of these woke people who work in the diversity departments everywhere around the country have something in common, aside from their jobs.

“Now, because they are appointing all these diversity officers, what are their degrees in?” Arnn said. “Education. It’s easy. You don’t need to know anything.”

He then pointed out that Hillsdale College will try to show that everybody can educate children.

“We’re going to try to demonstrate that you don’t have to be an expert to educate a child,” he said. “Because basically anybody can do it.”

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