Friday, January 27, 2023
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HBU Morehouse College Roils Wokesters by Hiring White Woman for Recruiting

'Let’s take bets on how long before it’s not about Black Men at all... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A recently hired administrator at Morehouse College has sparked debate among alumni who have argued she does not properly “represent” the institution, with some trying to pass it off as lacking experience and others contending it’s lacking the right skin color.

The administrator, Paula Resley, has been dubbed as the chief brand officer and vice president of strategic communications, and is charged with marketing and recruitment in the Atlanta-based institution, Legal Insurrection reported.

People are arguing that Resley is underqualified for the job due to her lack of experience in marketing for higher education.

Many are also asking why a white woman has been chosen to do this work for an all-male, majority black college over black male candidates.

“Paula’s experience and expertise, particularly in digital engagement, will help Morehouse continue to expand its international visibility and amplify its crucial voice,” Morehouse’s president, David A. Thomas, said in the release.

The announcement was met with a wave of inquiries and resentment in the form of calls and emails to the college at the lack of a “diverse” hire.

The majority of responses were from concerned alumni.

Resley had responded to Linkedin comments in an attempt to defend herself and express her commitment to the job, but later deleted her responses.

Campus leaders have declined to comment.

One alumnus called the hiring decision an “INSULT to the legacy of Morehouse and a blow to the Brand” in a thread on LinkedIn.

“The HEAVY emphasis on women is an attack on male leadership and not appropriate for Morehouse,” he wrote. “Just wondering how long before Morehouse ceases to recognize itself. Six months?”

“Let’s take bets on how long before it’s not about Black Men at all. If there are any Morehouse Men who see what I see they should speak up and stop pretending this is ok.”

The “Morehouse Men,” moniker might be outdated, considering the college – which bills itself as the country’s only all-male historically black college — two years ago began accepting transgender students who identify as men in a nod to wokeness.

An employee of the college, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the two other contenders for the job were black men, with one of them being a potential inside hire.

However, the employee expressed no ill will towards Resley and is willing to give her a chance to show what she can do before making any judgement calls.

“I think if she does a good job, then I’m happy to have her,” the employee said.

“I think they have yet to give this young woman a chance to do her job. But I’d like to see them do that. And if they still have an issue, if she can’t bring in the students we believe should be at Morehouse, if she can’t communicate with partners and friends in a satisfying way, then they’ll have something to stand on.

“But right now, they just seem to not like her for superficial reasons.”

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