Friday, March 1, 2024

Harvard Snowflakes Rally for On-Campus ‘Nap Pods’

'For most of us, 20 minutes is all we can muster during a busy weekday... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) The far-left Harvard University undergraduates have decided once more to practice their political activism, this time demanding that the administration provide “nap pods” around campus for them to catch up on sleep, the College Fix reported.

A student even published an op-ed in the school newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, calling for the administration to provide some solution for the students’ lack of sleep.

According to author Alessandro Hammond, enduring a day without much sleep is very dangerous, and cannot be expected of students.

“Research suggests that naps, even as short as 20 minutes, may increase energy levels and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease,” Hammond wrote, suggesting that short naps will be sufficient. “For most of us, 20 minutes is all we can muster during a busy weekday.”

Hammond also argued that it is the job of the University to give students specialized furniture so they can “sleep comfortably in any place.”

“Put simply: Harvard needs nap pods,” he added, forgetting about an ancient technology known as a bedroom.

Another potential solution for Hammond is reducing class workloads or allowing students to sleep in other vicinities, but he ultimately found both uncompelling.

“In theory, the College could reduce class workload or remove anti-sleep rules in study spaces like the Smith Center,” he wrote. “The first of these options, however, is particularly unfeasible; reducing class workload is perhaps the greatest pipe dream of them all. Students are naturally ambitious.”

Hammond concluded his piece by noting that the University probably has enough funding to ensure that the children get their naps each day, wherever and whenever they please.

“Though some university administrators may deem nap pods an inefficient use of money, our student body is small enough, and the university’s coffers large enough, to make our sweet dreams a reality,” he wrote.

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