Thursday, July 25, 2024

Harvard Musical Sings Praise for Gay Judas Who Seduces Jesus

'Don’t miss out on a story about messy gays, Asian American identity, heresy, and hope... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Just in time to taint the Christmas season, a group of social justice snowflakes at Harvard University produced a play that managed to simultaneously insult and demean basic Christian tenets.

In a stage-run that covered the first week of December, Harvard University’s Agassiz Theater performed its twisted revisionist version of the Bible in a musical play called Iscariot, portraying Judas Iscariot as a gay man, possibly non-binary, gender-fluid with strong transgender leanings, who falls in love with Jesus.

The woke theatrical production “reimagines Judas Iscariot as a queer Asian American high school senior who falls in love with Jesus, betrays him, and learns to take control of his own narrative,” informed the Harvard Crimson.

Not content to smear a whole religion on stage with nightly theatrical runs, the Instagram page for Iscariot also mocked Jesus.

“Don’t miss out on a story about messy gays, Asian American identity, heresy, and hope,” the musical producers cackled on the show’s opening night. That was preceded by a search for cast members with a post peddling the role of Jesus having “his gay awakening.”

“ISCARIOT is a heretical gaysian love story — gaysian being a portmanteau of gay and Asian,” the show’s executive producer told the Harvard student paper.

“Jesus and Judas are high school seniors at a fancy high school in Hollywood,” she said. “They are both kind of outsiders in the preppy club of the Disciples. They team up to win prom king and then shenanigans ensue. There’s a betrayal. There’s a crucifixion.”

The production received rough reviews from Twitter.

“WOW! What a great, anti-Christian idea for a musical! When are you going to do something similar about Muhammad and Islam?? I’ll wait,” wrote one critic, while another tweeted, “Like there isn’t enough of this WOKE theatre going on?!? U gotta wreck something so holy!!! This is blasphemy at the highest levels!”

The show’s producers said the show doesn’t contain any anti-Christian messaging, claiming “It is just a show about a boy finding himself, losing himself, and then finding himself again in the process.”

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