Thursday, July 25, 2024

Gaetz Blasts NeverTrump Colleague’s Efforts to Primary Him: ‘F—ing Bring It’

'How backward-looking we are, how much we peddle darkness and division...'

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., blasted anti-Trump Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., on Wednesday after Kinzinger launched a political action committee to purge the GOP of pro-Trump politicians.

Kinzinger response with an animated gif from the film Top Gun, which shows the lead character pulling a difficult aerial maneuver and outsmarting his adversary.

Kinzinger’s “Country 1st” PAC will challenge the pro-Trump direction the Republican Party has taken, according to the Illinois congressman.

He said Republicans’ unwillingness to hold Trump accountable fo this role in Jan. 6 Capitol riot, as well as the party’s support of lawmakers such as Rep. Marjorie Greene, R-Ga., led him to launch the fund.

“Let’s take a look at the last four years, how far we have come in a bad way,” Kinzinger told NBC News. “How backward-looking we are, how much we peddle darkness and division. And that’s not the party I ever signed up for. And I think most Republicans didn’t sign up for that.”

“It doesn’t mean we don’t need to fight back, you know, to defend what we believe, conservative principles,” he added. “But when I ask people now what is a conservative principle, how many people think that conservative principles are things like just ‘build the wall’ and, you know, charge the Capitol and have an insurrection?”

Gaetz and Kinzinger have exchanged jabs once before when Gaetz traveled to Wyoming to lead a rally against Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., after she voted to impeach former President Trump.

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