Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Former Playboy White House Reporter: ‘MAGA Republicans and Christians Are Bigger Threat Than Hamas’

'The reason for saying, "These people are worse than terrorists," is to justify treating them the way you treat terrorists...'

(Headline USA) Playboy’s former senior White House correspondent Brian Karem argued this week that supporters of former President Donald Trump and Christians are a “bigger threat” than Hamas.

Karem, who was famous for clashing with Trump during White House press briefings, responded to news of Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., being elected House speaker in an op-ed for Salon, titled, “MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be.”

In it, Karem complained that Johnson, who is a devout Christian, is a “discount version of the apocalyptic orgasm the holy rollers have dreamed of for years.” 

The Louisiana Republican and the rest of the “MAGA wing of the Republican Party” have embraced “the darkest verses of the Bible,” Karem continued, and “are determined to convert the U.S. into a theocracy.”

“The framers taught us that the biggest threat to religious freedom comes from theocrats who try to establish their own sect over everyone else. That’s why we have two religion clauses in the First Amendment,” he claimed.

Republicans also “despise free thought and independence, and are happy to play games with a government shutdown — the modern equivalent of fiddling while it all burns,” Karem added, referring to the looming government shutdown.

Karem went on to claim that “most people” live in fear — not because of Hamas’s threats of terror or rising antisemitism across the country, but because of “Christian theocracy, climate change, Donald Trump, our own government, or something else unforeseen.”

This is not the first time Karem has vilified conservative Christians. In July, he claimed to have met with an evangelical woman who demands that her Republican peers “name one thing” Trump did “that Jesus would approve of.”

“Nobody has ever named one thing,” she said, according to Karem.

Karem was roundly roasted for his absurd take, but some conservative pundits warned that many leftists take his message to heart.

“The reason for saying, ‘These people are worse than terrorists,’ is to justify treating them the way you treat terrorists,” said The Blaze contributor Auron MacIntyre.

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