Sunday, December 10, 2023

FBI’s Server-Hacking Statement a Classic Non-denial Denial

‘Partisan politics, sadly, are very much at play within some of the leadership at the FBI…’

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton/IMAGE: Bloomberg News via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) From Bill Clinton’s redefining the meaning of is in the Monica Lewinsky scandal to ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s fast-and-loose liberties with the term civilian casualties in Obama-era drone strikes, the Left loves its word games.

So, with the Clintons and the intelligence community seemingly in collusion to bury reports on Hillary’s private email server getting hacked, it was only a matter of time before semantics was deployed.

After The Daily Caller first broke the news Tuesday—later tweeted by President Donald Trump—that it had confirmed Chinese hackers were able to access Hillary’s emails by inserting special code into the metadata, the FBI issued what seemed to be an unequivocal denial.

Fox News reported that the agency disputed the story by saying it “has not found any evidence the servers were compromised.”

But according to Rep. Louie Gohmert, this may only have been technically true because it was the FBI’s oversight agency, the Intelligence Community Instructor General’s office, that found the actual evidence during a forensic analysis.

In a statement he released on Wednesday, Gohmert called the FBI denial “very deceptive in its omission.”

After the ICIG had flagged the evidence for top FBI officials in 2015, including former counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok, the agency responded by doing nothing, Gohmert said.

Louie Gohmert and Peter Strzok
Louie Gohmert and Peter Strzok/IMAGE: CBS News via Youtube

“One thing has been made acutely clear,” he said, “partisan politics, sadly, are very much at play within some of the leadership at the FBI.”

According to Fox, the FBI eventually did conduct a “limited” intrusion analysis of the server, but was unable to recover all the equipment and server data for the relevant time.

Despite a congressional order to the contrary, Clinton had the server bleached sometime in early 2015, handing over only about 55,000 emails that were redacted at her discretion.

When asked about wiping the server in August 2015, she replied, “What, like with a cloth or something?”

On Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton pointed out another key omission in the denial: Nobody ever said the server wasn’t compromised.

While some in the left-wing media have used the very disputedness of the claim as reason to dismiss it whole-cloth, Fitton said the FBI’s motive to cover up was clear.

“The answer would be embarrassing,” he said, and it would “undermine the fiction that Hillary Clinton caused no damage and deserved no prosecution.”

However, Fitton said former FBI Director James Comey, who famously let Clinton off the hook in July 2016, was “the best witness” when he acknowledged that a foreign agency might easily have covered its tracks when hacking the unsecured server.

“No one has ruled out that her server has been compromised—in fact, Comey said, ‘We just assume it had been compromised.’”

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