Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Fauci Admits the REAL Reason for Lockdowns

'We don’t want to pooh-pooh getting infected... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) COVID Czar Anthony Fauci emerged from hiding long enough to declare the true reason for government-mandated lockdowns that contributed to a tanking economy and increased mental and emotional problems for many people, the Daily Wire reported.

“You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up, you won’t have a surge of infections,” Fauci said after citing China’s COVID prevention measures.

China has either partially or completely locked down 44 cities across the country to curb the Omicron variant.

“I remember early on they were saying, and I think accurately, that they were doing better than almost anyone else,” Fauci said.

He also claimed that the vaccines being used in China were not as effective as those being used in the United States or the United Kingdom.

In an interview with ABC’s “This Week” Fauci also mentioned that Americans should still be taking cautionary measures such as vaccination, masking and testing.

“We don’t want to pooh-pooh getting infected,” Fauci said, suggesting that large events require proof of vaccination or a negative test. “I think people sometimes say, ‘Well, it’s OK to get infected.’ No, it’s not.”

Officials in Washington D.C. have shown concern over another swell of COVID cases, and Philadelphia reinstated their mask mandate despite the lack of indication that a larger surge is on the way.

“We’re at that point where in many respects… we’re going to have to live with some degree of virus in the community,” Fauci said.

“So you’re going to make a question and an answer for yourself, for me as an individual, for you as an individual. What is my age? What is my status? Do I have people at home who are vulnerable that if I bring the virus home there may be a problem?”

He also encouraged that people “get that fourth boost” and expressed hope that Congress will approve funding for “getting new tests, getting drugs [and] getting vaccines.”

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