Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Eric Holder’s Leftist Elections Group Gave $200K to N.C. Judge in Redistricting Case

'Monied interests appear to have bought a supreme court justice to decide this redistricting case... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) As a former U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder should know that bribery is a crime; or maybe he just learned how to master the art of monetary persuasion under the tutelage of his old boss, former President Barack Obama.

In any case, North Carolina Republicans allege that Holder and his leftist, election-rigging National Democratic Redistricting Committee have improperly influenced a N.C. Supreme Court justice whose vote could be crucial in approving or quashing the state’s redistricting efforts, reported the Washington Free Beacon.

Anita Earls, a Democrat justice on the state supreme court, received a whopping $200,000 campaign contribution from the NDRC, in addition to Holder personally endorsing Earls in 2018 for the supreme court seat.

“Monied interests appear to have bought a supreme court justice to decide this redistricting case,” state senator Amy Galey, R-N.C., told the Free Beacon.

“Eric Holder paid six figures to elect Earls so she could decide this case,” said Galey, who added that Earls should have recused herself from the redistricting case. Earls dismissed calls last month to recuse herself.

That was when the 4-3 Democrat-majority court rejected redistricting maps drawn by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature. That same court is widely expected to reject revised and improved maps that Republicans submitted on Feb. 16 and, ultimately, will have final say over what congressional maps North Carolina adopts.

Holder, along with leftist lawfare weasel Marc Elias, has sued North Carolina, as well as other states, over redistricting maps that were duly drawn by legislatures in hopes of producing results more favorable to Democrats.

To help achieve that end in North Carolina, Holder’s NDRC PAC gave maximum donations of $5,200 directly to Earls’s campaign, and appears to have funneled another $200,000 to her through the North Carolina Democratic Party, reported the Free Beacon.

Holder’s group has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help elect partisan supreme court justices in other states where they have launched aggressive redistricting campaigns.

The leftists have made no secret of the dubious machinations and schemes they use to achieve their goals, proclaiming them overtly and with pride, as was the case with Holder endorsing Earls in North Carolina for the explicit goal of influencing redistricting efforts.

“North Carolina is ground zero for gerrymandering,” Holder said in his endorsement of Earls, and Democrats “need to have Anita Earls as the next N.C. Supreme Court Justice.”

“She is a great lawyer, she has a great history, she will be a great judge.”

Or least the best money can buy.

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