Entire Washington Town Vows to Defy Inslee’s Second Shutdown

'No, we don’t have the authority. But it gets the word out, it gets people thinking about really, what is happening.'

A Washington town said this week it would defy Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee’s second lockdown order, arguing Inslee’s restrictions are authoritarian and unconstitutional.

The entire town of Mossyrock, Washington, which has a population of just under 1,000, announced it would hold a rally this weekend to encourage other Americans to join them.

Inslee announced this week that he is extending Washington’s lockdown into 2021, forcing restaurants and other businesses to keep their doors closed until Jan. 4.

Mossyrock officials, however, said the city “will not recognize” Inslee’s restrictions.

Mossyrock Mayor Randall Sasser admitted the town doesn’t have the authority to defy Inslee, but said it plans to do so anyway.

“No, we don’t have the authority,” Sasser said. “But it gets the word out, it gets people thinking about really, what is happening.”

Coronavirus restrictions should be determined by local health officials, not state officials, Sasser added, because state and federal officials do not understand the impact restrictions have on local businesses.

“For businesses to shut down who have given their life savings to open up a business in a small community and then be ordered to shut down and not have any restitution to help them survive, that’s a shame,” Sasser said.

Thousands of conservatives voiced their support for the small town:


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