Monday, January 30, 2023
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Double-Standard Dems Bewail GOP Embrace of Scandal-Prone Candidates

'In this fiercely partisan moment, concerns about personal behavior are dwarfed by the struggle between Republicans and Democrats... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Jonathan Weisman, a New York Times political reporter, bemoaned the alleged radical turn of the Republican Party, claiming that it is guilty of monolithically supporting candidates with questionable personal histories, NewsBusters reported.

Weisman began by questioning the sexual ethics of various Republican political candidates, turning a blind eye to scandals that have rocked the Democrats.

“In Missouri, Georgia, Ohio and now Nebraska, Republican men running for high office face significant allegations of domestic violence, stalking, even sexual assault — accusations that once would have derailed any run for office,” he wrote.

According to Weisman, it is the fault of none other than the Times’ favorite target: former President Donald Trump, who has allegedly shielded candidates from scrutiny.

“But in an era of Republican politics when Donald J. Trump could survive and thrive amid accusations of sexual assault, opposing candidates are finding little traction in dwelling on the issue,” he added.

Weisman also noticed that the Democrats–as usual–have ‘science’ on their side.

The social scientists have allegedly discovered that Trump has turned Republicans radical.

“Political scientists who have studied Republican voting since the rise of Trumpism are not surprised that accused candidates have soldiered on — and that their primary rivals have approached the accusations tepidly.”

He concluded by claiming that Republicans are wildly ideological in their defense of their children and families, the underlying assumption being that Democrats have stayed quite moderate.

“In this fiercely partisan moment, concerns about personal behavior are dwarfed by the struggle between Republicans and Democrats, which Republican men and women see as life-or-death. Increasingly, Republicans cast accusations of sexual misconduct as an attempt by liberals to silence conservative.”

Of course, in his analysis of the Republicans’ sexual misconduct, Weisman conveniently ignored Bill Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, and a list that goes on and on, rife with disgraced Democrats and leftists.

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