Monday, January 30, 2023
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Dems Phony Baby Formula Bill Funds Expansion of Biden’s FDA

'If baby formula shortage was caused by an underfunded FDA, this would help. But it wasn’t... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Democrats found a new way to disgrace themselves this week, hijacking a true tragedy that has seen desperate moms scrounge for baby formula and using it as an excuse to funnel upwards of $23 million into more government bureaucracy.

In this case, the beneficiary would be the same inept crew at the Food and Drug Administration that helped create the crisis.

Congressional Democrats approved legislation that was pitched as a valiant endeavor to put baby formula in the hands of distraught parents and their starving offspring.

The “Access to Baby Formula Act,” a supposed cure-all for streamlining the baby formula supply chain, shuffled around some waivers to make it easier to use WIC vouchers.

The bill’s real purpose was to piggyback the “Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act,” which sounds remarkably like an act to provide truckloads of emergency baby formula.

The language of the bill certainly drives the narrative that it “provides $28 million in emergency supplemental appropriations to address the shortage of infant formula in the United States.”

And that’s exactly how Democrats and their leftist fake news allies tried to spin it.

“It is essential that we ensure the federal government has the resources it needs to get baby formula back on the shelves,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

The legislation, which still needs Senate approval, does next to nothing for achieving that end.

“There was $28 million in the bill, but I believe $23 million of it was for administrative costs and salaries,” Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn, said.

“Basically, what the Democrat leadership did was use a bill, title it something that’s dealing with people who are genuinely hurting and just use it as an instance to increase pay at the FDA.

“They misname these bills on purpose and, honestly, the left just eats it up and they throw it back at us,” Burchett said of the Democrats’ disingenuous disinformation.

“But in reality, it’s just not true.”

Not that a leftist like the Original Deplorable would let the truth prevent her from spreading lies.

“That ought to disgust you,” Burchett said.

“I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Using a real tragedy… It did nothing to put more formula on the shelves.”

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