Sunday, March 26, 2023
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CARVILLE: Dems Must Exploit COVID Crisis Since Trump Can Only Win by Cheating

‘It’s plain as day: Republicans can only win by chilling the right to vote…’

Democratic Strategist Fires Back at Bernie: 'At Least I'm Not a Communist'
James Carville / IMAGE: MSNBC via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Fresh off his feud with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., former Clinton crony James Carville, a leading defender of the old-guard Democratic Establishment, fueled a conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump would have to “cheat” to be re-elected.

“Despite all the many warnings, Republicans ran down the rabbit hole with Trump so far they can no longer see the sun—and now it’s time they pay the price,” Carville claimed in an opinion piece published by NBC News.

He went on to promote several left-wing talking points that have been brazenly pitched to help Democrats cheat by skirting long held election rules and conventions.

“It’s plain as day: Republicans can only win by chilling the right to vote,” he claimed.

Echoing several partisan House Democrats, such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and James Clyburn of South Carolina, Carville suggested that the Left should continue its efforts to use emergency coronavirus relief packages as a way to attain its partisan election objectives.

“[D]uring this moment of crisis, it is now the single most important political imperative of elected Democrats to demand as many measures to protect and expand the right to vote in the coming stimulus bills as possible,” he said.

Among these are push for court-forced gerrymandering, as well as opposition to voter ID laws and the federally mandated cleaning of voter rolls—based on a law passed during the Clinton presidency.

“If all elections were fair, there wouldn’t have been a Republican president since before Bill Clinton,” Carville said, attempting to cast former two-term President George W. Bush as illegitimate.

Several blue localities have actively resisted cleaning their voter rolls of inactive voters—including those who have moved away or died, and felons who are no longer eligible in many states.

“Unless a person has died, they cannot be illegitimately removed from voter rolls and should get a ballot sent right to their mailbox like everyone else,” Carville falsely claimed.

Only a handful of states currently send ballots to all eligible voters.

While Democrats have attempted to use the coronavirus panic as justification to move to a mail-only ballot system, voting integrity watchdogs and Republicans, including Trump, have sounded the alarm at the suspicious ploy, noting the increased potential for fraud and ballot mishandling that would result.

History Repeating….

Left-Wing Outlet: Joe Biden's Agenda 'Far More Liberal than Hillary Clinton's'
Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden / IMAGE: CNN via Youtube

Carville cited polls to make his case that presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden stood poised to coast to victory.

“Despite having gone through President Donald Trump’s impeachment ringer … Biden has never been down to Trump in the polling averages the entire primary—and is frequently up by double digit margins, nationally,” Carville said.

The polls suggested that Biden currently maintained a roughly 6-point advantage over Trump, although the gap has narrowed considerably since the start of the year after peaking around 10 points during House Democrats’ impeachment probes in November and December.

Likewise, in April 2016, Democratic nominee-in-waiting Hillary Clinton enjoyed a 10-point advantage over Trump, which narrowed to 3 points, on average, immediately prior to her losing the election.

Clinton’s reliance on inaccurate and biased polling resulted in her ignoring several key battleground states.

Carville, likewise, boasted of Biden’s lead in some of the same places.

“He is up in North Carolina, he is up in Arizona, he is up in Wisconsin, has never been down in Michigan or Pennsylvania, and is even up in what has become the political no man’s land of Ohio,” Carville claimed.

Although the former vice president has nary been seen for several weeks since the coronavirus forced him to shelter at his Delaware home, he received key endorsements from Sanders on Monday and from his ex-boss, former President Barack Obama, on Tuesday.

Many had openly wondered why Obama hesitated for as long as he did.

Yet, Biden also encountered some damaging headlines as a credible rape accusation from a former staffer threatened to derail him.

Tara Reade, who worked in the office of Biden, then a Delaware senator, said he cornered her and forcibly penetrated her with his finger.

Left-wing media—in particular, the New York Times—faced critical scrutiny after attempting to downplay the accusations, with many noting the hypocritical contrast with their coverage of claims against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Questions also abound—from both the Right and Left—about Biden’s apparent cognitive decline. While always prone to making gaffes, his flubs have become increasingly apparent in recent months.

But one of the most crucial factors is attributable to Carville himself, who famously explained of Clinton, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Trump’s ability to re-stabilize his formerly bullish prosperity will be crucial to his success, with Democrats hoping to extend shelter orders indefinitely—or at least through early November.

They will face an uphill battle in efforts to milk the crisis, as many already see clear indicators that the pandemic is on the decline, and a growing number of citizens protesting the draconian stay-at-home orders.

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