Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Democrat AGs Support Gas-Stove Bans Nationwide

'Pollution from gas stoves often has a disproportionate effect on households located in underserved communities, especially low-income households... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Several Democrat state attorneys general issued approval of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s efforts to heavily regulate natural gas stoves.

The 11 attorneys general commented on the upcoming procedures, saying they support “voluntary standards or mandatory regulations that will reduce the emissions of harmful pollutants from gas stoves.”

According to the Daily Wire, the AGs cited a study that claimed gas stoves worsen indoor air quality and may cause asthma.

The AGs agreed that “informative warning labels and public education” regarding the effects of natural gas appliances should be made available to all citizens to protect themselves from ostensible disease, but also in the name of equity, as the letter claimed natural gas effect those in low-income communities the most.

“Pollution from gas stoves often has a disproportionate effect on households located in underserved communities, especially low-income households. In some instances, low-income housing conditions may contribute to a greater risk of exposure to pollutants from gas stoves,” the letter said. “Those conditions include smaller unit sizes in multifamily housing, poor ventilation, use of a gas stove as a source of heat, and maintenance deficiencies.”

Several of the states where the AGs presided already “recognized the health hazards posed by household gas appliances, including gas stoves, and have introduced policies and regulations that aim to mitigate those hazards.”

One of those mitigating tactics is “supporting home electrification” via city codes and laws prohibiting gas hookups in new buildings.

Nearly 40% of American households use gas stoves, with states like California and New Jersey approaching 70%. Studies revealed that families used their stoves an average of eight times per week.

The CPSC and the Biden administration worked in tandem to introduce emissions regulations on gas stoves despite public backlash.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who admitted to owning a gas stove, supported the regulations and denied that they would essentially ban the product.

CPSC Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. called gas stoves a “hidden hazard” and declared war against them, saying “any option is on the table” for banning the appliance.

The CPSC later walked back the comment in a public statement.

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