Wednesday, October 4, 2023

‘Dawson’s Creek’ Star Blasts DNC for POTUS Debate Policy: ‘No Debate, No Democracy’

'How do we have a government, how do we have a democracy, if we're letting a small, little backroom group of people make all the important decisions for us? ... '

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) Actor James Van Der Beek called out Democrat insiders huddled in a metaphorical smoke-filled room for trying to hand their party’s presidential nomination to Joe Biden without allowing any primary debates and therefore “openly bypassing the will of the people.”

In that context, he also cast doubt on the legitimacy of a second Biden term.

“There’s no debate, there’s no democracy,” the performer, 46, best known for his roles in the TV series Dawson’s Creek and the movie Varsity Blues, summed up. “No primary, no legitimate president.”

He delivered the 3-1/2 minute monologue that initially went viral on TikTok while walking his dogs and pulling his child in a sled.

“I cannot get over the fact that the Democratic National Committee is saying there will not be a debate to decide the nominee for president. Are f***ing kidding me?,” Van Der Beek said at the outset of his remarks.

He underscored Biden’s advanced age that would make him “the oldest sitting president” in American history who could be succeeded, if any health issues occur, by “a vice president whose approval rating is worse than his.”

The actor went on to say about Biden, and the way his handlers protect him, that “This guy has obviously declining mental faculties. You’re putting him up in front of a podium with flashcards telling him who to call on and what the questions are gonna be. And you’re telling us there’s no debate?”

He claimed that nearly three-fourths of Biden 2020 voters want a debate among the Democrat candidates too.

While himself expressing gratitude for the sacrifice of fallen military veterans and their families, Van Der Beek also implied that DNC members were, on Memorial Day, being hypocritical for taking to social media to thanks vets for their service while trying to thwart democracy within the party nomination process.

“I mean, what the hell? How is this a democracy?” he wondered about the way the DNC is orchestrating the Biden re-nomination.

“There are people out there who are willing to die to preserve democracy because you are not preserving democracy right now. You’re shoehorning your pick and forcing it on the rest of us.”

Alluding to Biden announced rivals Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson, he asserted that in some polling, the duo are currently pulling about 25% of the primary vote.

He also seemed to allude to restrictions imposed during the COVID pandemic.

“How do we have a government, how do we have a democracy, if we’re letting a small, little backroom group of people make all the important decisions for us? That’s not a democracy, and it doesn’t work, because y’all have been wrong about a lot these last couple of years in that backroom.”

Van Der Beek conceded that his opinion could be wrong and that a debate “would solve that.”

He also criticized the Democrat establishment for its cozy relationship with big banks, big business, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Government, all the while ignoring their voters.

In April, RFK Jr. suggested that Democrats were rigging the primary system.

Conservatives who rush to embrace the rare celebrity who publicly disagrees with the Hollywood leftist narrative sometimes regret it based on subsequent developments.

Instead of reporting largely on the substance of Van Der Beek’s remarks, however, the corporate media is covering the story merely in the context of him winning praise from Fox News.

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