Monday, March 4, 2024

David Hogg Distorts 2A, Gets Called Out Immediately

'Our rights aren't subject to what you or any tyrant think we need...'

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) David Hogg, a fanatical anti-gun activist, recently posted another nonsensical tweet about guns and who should be able to use them, and people on Twitter didn’t waste their time pointing out Hogg’s complete absence of understanding of the United States Constitution.

“You have no right to a gun. You are not a militia. When you’re talking about your second amendment rights you’re talking about a state’s right to have what is today the national guard,” he wrote.

“The modern interpretation of 2A is a ridiculous fraud pushed for decades by the gun lobby.”

He then said that NRA quoting the Second Amendment is a “talking point” that is younger than him.

“We need to stop using the NRA’s talking points and the false interpretation of 2A they have been pushing for decades. Their version of 2A is younger than I am.”

Hogg lied about the gun lobby wanting to sell guns to bad people and shared a link to the anti-Second Amendment article from the leftist Politico.

Then, he “went supernova” by saying that, in case he gets murdered, he wants reporters and politicians to use his death to pass anti-gun laws and drop his corpse at the NRA office.

People on Twitter immediately responded to Hogg’s series of tweets.

Some of them mocked him and leftists, in general, for valuing the Constitution only when it benefits them.

“My favorite thing is how libs are originalists and strict constructionists ON THIS ONE ISSUE ONLY,” David Reaboi of Claremont Institute wrote.

Jenna Ellis did the same thing.

“So the Constitution is a living, breathing, fluid document, except for THIS ONE ISSUE ONLY ALWAYS because it suits your (false) narrative.”

Others pointed out the flaws in his “argument,” referring to the parts in the Second Amendment that states it is “the right of the people” to own guns “shall not be infringed.”

Other Twitter users decided to flip Hogg’s “argument” on him.

“You have no right to free speech. You are not the press. You are not an establishment of religion. The modern interpretation of the 1A is a ridiculous fraud pushed for decades by the free speech lobby,” Brandon Herrera wrote. “See how that f***ing works?”

“I identify as a militia. Please stop the bigotry,” another person wrote.

Another Twitter user shared a screenshot of Chat GPT’s phenomenal Dr. Seuss-style poem about the importance of regular people owning guns.

“Our rights aren’t subject to what you or any tyrant think we need,” the Libertarian Party wrote.

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